Not "or bust". Hybrids generally perform better with console (Gaming)

by kidtsunami @, Raleigh, NC, Tuesday, March 14, 2017, 06:36 (76 days ago) @ Korny

I recall numerous tests (easily youtube-able) that determined that Hybrids gave a better overall performance, and the price gave them the edge over SSDs. Sure, as an external there is less issue with durability SSD-wise, but I'm not eager to fork over $1k for a more durable external storage. ;)

I'm just going to jump in and bust your balls for referencing "easily YouTube-able" videos without actually including them to provide your point. Just because that's what you'd do in my place ;p

Heh, I have a valid excuse for the rare occurence of me not backing up what I say with evidence, but fair enough, I can pull a Cody every once in a while, given my record. :P

I'll do you one better than linking random videos; an extensive article by Eurogamer. Their results skew a bit more towards the SSD in speed, but only marginally faster than a hybrid in most cases, and definitely not worth the cost...

Yeah at the point that I'm splurging for a another HD, I might as well get the fastest. I'm a bit ruthless about my space anyways. Also my experience is with my XB1, I haven't needed another HD for my PS4 yet... I feel like by the time I do, I'll just get the Pro.

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