Thanks for the Raid! (Destiny)

by Saber Khai, Monday, April 10, 2017, 13:19 (18 days ago)

I want to extend a genuine and gracious thank you to the group below for shepherding me through my first raid, Crota's End, on Saturday. It was a fun, entertaining time full of deaths, a few wipes, some "what are you doing??? No no no's," and some wholly inappropriate commentary on...well, a few things. Thanks to unoudid, BLACKSTAR BSP, jchapman, Zero Point Fox, and Funkmon for an awesome time. Plus, I got the endlessly entertaining DVR capture of me watching (because I was, of course, dead) that group go HAM on the Hive with swords:

It was a lot of fun. Hope to do another one this Friday and Saturday also.

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