PSA: For Those Who Don't Know... (Destiny)

by Claude Errera @, Monday, April 10, 2017, 16:11 (47 days ago) @ unoudid

Pissed trying to fingure out how Uno got 750 melees in one day?

A few words of advice for my method... "We've woken the hive" (I prefer DinkleBot's version, but NolanDroid's version works also)

I got my Melee, orb generation, and grenades all done doing this story mission. just kill everything except for the knight and then suicide. you can get around 25-30 kills before needing to wipe.

Nico reminded me about the Siege of the Warmind beginning - there are many, many thrall running down the stairs, in fours. Kill them all, leave the yellow night alive, kill yourself, and you're good to go at the same place. Faster than The Dark Beyond, because you don't have to chase anything.

Also, though, you don't need 750 melee kills. I never finished that circle for my Warlock (along with 30 OTHER unfinished circles), and I'm at "100%".

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