These are my favorite to watch... (Destiny)

by Korny ⌂ @, Dalton, Ga. US. Earth, Sol System, Tuesday, April 11, 2017, 10:28 (47 days ago) @ Schedonnardus

The teams that can clutch victory from the jaws of defeat. Gotta love self-rez, and congrats with not getting blown up when you ran through that group of Supplicants at 1:45!

Some observations...

I noticed that there didn't seem to be any order to killing the Oracles, such as Relic Holder killing 5, then 1 (accidentally?), then 4. Worked out well enough for you guys, though most groups designate Oracle 3 as the Relic Holder's responsibility. I'd recommend 4 being his responsibility, as that worked extremely well for us last night (first person to run inside takes out 3).
If the Relic holder is in charge of 4, their Super will always be filled by the time it's up, regardless of their Intellect (or they can just slam it), and they can use the extra time to get in front of the portal door to cleanse 1 and 2 on their way out (just remember that holding the cleanse drains your Super!).

I'll see if I can get video of our run up later. You'd be surprised at how some minor tweaks can help a lot.

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