Oryx (Destiny)

by Chappy, Arlington, VA., Wednesday, April 12, 2017, 09:44 (46 days ago) @ Chappy
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We used the same strategy that almost everyone uses these days (1 runner, 3 on the plates, 2 in the center in Titan bubbles). Since Touch of Malice was 'fixed' to remove blessing of light, it's no longer quick and safe way for two center guardians to kill the 4 Ogres. This significantly changed our weapon loadouts:

Sleeper Simulant absolutely wrecks in this encounter, but ammo management becomes a problem. Titans and Warlocks can have 12 rounds of ammo with the right exotic, and hunters only get 9. It may be necessary to use heavy syth after the stagger and prior to Thunderdome to keep up.

With a Weapons of Light and Blessing bubble in the center, a center guardian fired a single sleeper shot at each Ogre. Each person on the plate also fired one Sleeper, and together this killed each ogre. If there was a missed crit, the center guardians can clean up with snipers.

The three guardians on the plates also fired a sleeper round to stagger Oryx each time - 3 shots did it handily (though everyone was firing except perhaps the person killing Knight #4)
Each person on the plate and one of the center guardians used a high impact sniper (impact 37 or 38) to one-shot their knight.

Guardians only used one or two sniper shots on the Shade of Oryx to converve special ammo - the vast majority of damage was done with the high-impact scout rifles with explosive rounds

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