You've played too much Destiny when… (Destiny)

by ManKitten ⌂, Southern Indiana, Thursday, April 13, 2017, 07:33 (40 days ago) @ Morpheus

  • A real life storm makes you look for a Public Event.
  • You look at car features as rolls.
  • You're on your last Iron Banner two years running.
  • You're never on the title screen; just the welcome back screen.
  • You're scared to eat because you might get teleported.
  • You buy a Ghost Edition four months before the second game comes out.
  • Your most viewed bookmark isn't porn, it's r/Sharditorkeepit.
  • GuardianOutfitter actually exists(thanks, Chappy).
  • DIM is the single most valuable thing to you.
  • You haven't played anything else in months.

• You refer to your best shirt as exotic.
• When you're exercising you yell "POPPING SUPER" for that last rep.
• You're invited to go deer hunting and you show up in a cloak.
• You go to a sporting goods store and ask "where's the void weapons".
• You refer to personal goals as bounties.
• When you get on a bike, under your breath you mimic sparrow sounds.
• You arrive at a party and are surprised there are more than 6 people.
• You refer to work breaks as "visiting the tower".
• The actual moon looks odd to you.
• You quote Master Rahool when other people open presents.
• You have more conversations through the xbox app, than texting.
• After a day of swimming you complain about your solar burn.

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