Can you elaborate? (Destiny)

by Morpheus @, High Charity, Sunday, April 16, 2017, 13:44 (12 days ago) @ Funkmon


Depending on the game and the ease of the achievement, it's more than possible to accidentally earn an achievement within two hours of playtime. In fact, a lot of developers are counting on it. If you spend however long on an Xbox (or Playstation, I guess) game and you don't unlock something, you'll likely think "Oh man, this game must be really hard or something! Maybe I should quit before I get one and it's stuck to me forever!" (Looking at you, DOAX2.) So 90% of the time, they're going to put anywhere from one to plenty of easy achievements to get them committed, get them mollified, but most important, get them to keep going.

And I haven't even tipped the iceberg about people who win achievements accidentally. It's very possible! Let's be honest, not many people are going to be looking at achievement lists before they start a game anyway. Secret or not, there's a good chance you will be spoiled. Plus, unless you go to an external site, I don't think you even can look at them before you put the game in. So that's yet another factor to look out for.

As for the two hours? That is more than enough time. Anybody remember the Crackdown 2 demo? That was the world's first(and I can bet only) game in the world to have PRE-achievements; stuff you complete in the demo, then unlock and get your points en masse when you buy the actual game! Everyone LOVED it. Guess what the limited time for that demo was? Thirty minutes. And yet, people still "unlocked" ten achievements in that time frame.

Which makes my question even more pressing/valid, because it's more than possible—it's outright common.

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