Anyone possibly have an Oryx Checkpoint (PS4)? (Destiny)

by Pyromancy @, Monday, April 17, 2017, 09:20 (12 days ago) @ CruelLEGACEY
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Sorry I wasn't able to get on to run this with you guys Saturday Evening. I really would have wanted to be there to get some tasks completed for the Triumph book.

I did not see enough sign ups or interest in my event so I figured that it wasn't going to happen and wouldn't be easy to assemble a group on the fly - it is pretty tough to judge without info. I was for sure not able to get on an hour early to grab a checkpoint (time zone differences). I changed the event day, to the next day (Sunday Evening), a number of hours before the event was set to begin. It has been a busy all around weekend with family and I did not get home until around 10PM(CT) an hour after the original event time which is too late for many to try and scramble up a raid.

Sunday evening, I was ready to give up again. Destroyo and Kupkake were online, and gracious plus kind enough to help assemble a team and give a go at the challenge modes for me, even though they had just run the raid the night before. I truly appreciate the great folks within the community willing to help out with an old task (especially like King's Fall). I have forgotten just about everything specific about King's Fall besides the final encounter. I especially have forgotten how punishing the challenge modes were, which is probably part of the reason why I never completed them during the initial release window. Fabian from the prior nights raid joined up too, GuardianAngel showed up with a handy Warpriest Checkpoint, and Dogcow joined up last minute to help! (very much appreciated on all fronts. I don't always have the right words to say)

We knocked out The Warpriest challenge after a little bit of work at it and moved on to Golgoroth en route to Oryx but eventually got stuck. It was late, we ran out of time at Golgy.

Not sure if it will be possible but if we can find an Oryx Checkpoint, I wouldn't mind trying to complete Oryx or his challenge Monday night before reset. If not, that is ok too.
Not sure if both are feasible at once. But just getting a 390 clear would be another step closer to completion.

A significant part of "My Legend" in Destiny is not my own. It is thanks in large part to a number of awesome folks here from DBO that have played helper throughout the years. Unfortunately there is not really a way to quantify that or show it, but I promise that it is not forgotten.

A Special thanks to Speedracer513 and CruelLegacey/Kupkake for giving up their seats during the prior 2 weeks raids (Crota and Vault of Glass) and letting me take their place in order for me to fill nodes for completing the Triumph book!

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