Exactly. Except the opposite. (Off-Topic)

by Funkmon @, Monday, April 17, 2017, 09:21 (41 days ago) @ narcogen

Rogue One is what good fan fiction should be. A story about bit players and how they did something important in the universe.

TFA is bad fan fiction. It is "look at this awesome new character who is a hot girl and also has mysterious control over her force powers with zero education, even more than Luke. Btw she is also a slave on a desert planet and steals the Millennium Falcon! Then Han Solo shows up! Then she gets captured by Darth Vader's grandson after using Vader's old lightsaber. He brings her to a death star, except it isn't a death star, it's bigger and more scary, but then they explode it by doing a trench run that is bigger and more scary than in Star Wars. THEN there is a final climactic scene between surprise force power hot girl using Vader's old lightsaber vs Vader's grandson using an ultra powerful super lightsaber with 3 blades. Then she goes to find Yoda on an uncharted planet. I mean Luke. She goes to find him on an uncharted planet so they can be BFFs. End of part 1."

It is just typical of bad fan fiction. I thought it was a decent movie, but it didn't do anything new. It was just inserting characters into the same story, where everything was +1 bigger and scarier with a new chosen one who is +1 better looking and more skilled than the last one.

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