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by Korny ⌂ @, Dalton, Ga. US. Earth, Sol System, Monday, April 17, 2017, 09:31 (41 days ago) @ Funkmon

Rogue One is what good fan fiction should be. A story about bit players and how they did something important in the universe.

Clears up plot holes in the universe in a believable way? Check.
Develops existing supporting characters from a different perspective? Check.
Tells a contained story within an existing universe in a way that doesn't conflict with canon? Check.

Good fan fiction!

TFA is bad fan fiction. It is "look at this awesome new character who is a hot girl and also has mysterious control over her force powers with zero education, even more than Luke. Btw she is also a slave on a desert planet and steals the Millennium Falcon! Then Han Solo shows up! Then she gets captured by Darth Vader's grandson after using Vader's old lightsaber. He brings her to a death star, except it isn't a death star, it's bigger and more scary, but then they explode it by doing a trench run that is bigger and more scary than in Star Wars. THEN there is a final climactic scene between surprise force power hot girl using Vader's old lightsaber vs Vader's grandson using an ultra powerful super lightsaber with 3 blades. Then she goes to find Yoda on an uncharted planet. I mean Luke. She goes to find him on an uncharted planet so they can be BFFs. End of part 1."

Really, the only thing missing is Boba Fett's son showing up in an after-credits sequence...

Bad fan fiction!

It is just typical of bad fan fiction. I thought it was a decent movie, but it didn't do anything new. It was just inserting characters into the same story, where everything was +1 bigger and scarier with a new chosen one who is +1 better looking and more skilled than the last one.

I liked it (even watched it twice in theaters), but that was more as a contrast to the prequels. It gave the universe another chance to be good, but it wasn't original in any sense. I'm not one of those "It was just a New Hope!" whiners, but it definitely tried too hard to rehash old ideas and up the stakes while following a Mary Sue everywhere, and not developing the universe at all besides overt storytelling.

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