Adore this post. (Off-Topic)

by Kermit @, Raleigh, NC, Tuesday, April 18, 2017, 22:13 (38 days ago) @ Avateur

You just said they tried continuing the mystery which was exactly my point and justifies my mentioning them. I didn't say they succeeded, but your 343 hatred is so strong even bringing them up as a negative example is somehow offensive to you.

I actually totally said regarding the Precursors, but keep sampling.

I still don't get it. I express skepticism that the Precursors can provide sufficient mystery. That's a false equivalency to my examples of sufficient mystery. Makes no sense.

As an aside, way to warp my words. I outright told Cody that no, another company probably couldn't. I did qualify it with the long-term statement, but my guarantee for said hypothetical studio was made in regards to how things would be run, how honest they would be, and how things wouldn't be as broken. That doesn't mean their Halo story wouldn't be total shit. That also doesn't mean that they'd do a 14-day buy and play or whatever they called the lie they made up, or that they'd sell a nearly completely unplayable multiplayer game (though campaign sorta kinda mostly worked during that time) and pretend it somehow magically never appeared in testing like that. And so on and so forth. SMH.

I'm not warping your words. This mythical "whatever studio" of yours doesn't exist--to guarantee it would do anything better than 343 is idiotic.

Take it to the bank. Guaranteed by the FDIC. In this universe, the next, and any other real or hypothetical.

i suspect you think being hyperbolic and unfair is funny instead of just mean-spirited.

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