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by Cody Miller, Dinklebot - Never Forget, Wednesday, April 19, 2017, 20:13 (38 days ago) @ Morpheus

Unless you really have never played Full Throttle (and don't want to download the adandonware version and run it in SCUMMVM)

Never heard of any of that, although I think I've seen the SCUMM acronym once or twice. But in my case, I only played it twice before, never beat it. The first time I got it was in a bundle disc--I remember because it had some Star Wars game that I wasn't remotely interested in, but my former best friend loved it. Anyway, when I installed it on my computer, there was video, but no sound. No matter what I tried, nothing happened. So I had to put subtitles on and use my imagination. On his computer, it was the opposite; no video, but the audio was blasting nice and sexy!

(Oh, and before anyone tells me what I could've/should've done installation or troubleshooting wise, let me remind you all that I was seven at the time. It was a miracle I was inside playing computer games back then.)

One day my friend invites me to his parent's work office with over 75 computers(think old school Dilbert-esque uniformity—all that dial-up!) and decided to try it out there. On computer 29, we finally got a blue-sky LucasArts logo and a beast of a revving motorcycle engine. We played all the way up to Crowley's murder, but then we had to leave. And I forgot the damn thing in Computer 29.

sigh...at least someone else got a piece of the glory.

FF twenty-x years, and I'm enjoying the most rockin' freaking game ever, and one of its documentaries put two and two together--and I had a fangasm! Expedited shipping later, I tried it on this hunk o' junk I've got now. As you can guess, it was too advanced for it. Not even Windows 8 Compat Mode. So technically, I still haven't finished it! Played until 4 this morning getting to the Mink Farm. So yeah, that's one reason I was so excited to see this come back--I can finally play it now!

I'd suggest trying Kathy Rain instead too. The main character is a biker chick after all. It's about as easy as Full throttle, but the story is far better and more complex. Plus, it hasn't made any money yet and could use the support. It was really worth the money.

FTFY. Don't see any reason why we can't have both. ;-) But I'll check it out! Thanks for the suggestion.

I mean, you can! Don't pass up Full Throttle, but also don't pass up the NEW adventure games out there :-)

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