So I finished WOTM for the first time ever (Destiny)

by Schedonnardus @, Texas, Friday, April 21, 2017, 06:45 (8 days ago)

....and at 390 to boot.

I was doing patrol when Naterator messaged me and asked if i wanted to jump in at 390 Aksis. I informed him that i had never beaten Aksis, I had only ever been there once back in October. I vaguely knew what needed to be done, I had just never executed it before. I also didn't have Dark Drinker, so i used Raze lighter.

After about an hour of trial and error, and dealing with glitches, and going back to orbit to try and fix issues (aksis not teleporting, only two people being empowered, invincible servitors) we were finally able to take him down.

I'll have to admit, i was not prepared for the "final stand" portion. I started to run for the pillars of light, then realized "oh shit, i have to still shoot him" and then kinda spaz'd out there, but it all worked out in the end.

In addition to my loot, i got two achievements, grimoire and finished the WoTM quest lol.

Thanks to blackstar, narc and others that recommended OBS for recording. I'm still a newb in that department, but I think the vid turned out pretty well.

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