Des2ny Reveal Anticipation Thread (Destiny)

by ManKitten ⌂, Southern Indiana, Monday, May 15, 2017, 07:33 (11 days ago)

So I'm pretty excited about the reveal on Thursday and I'm curious to hear what everyone else is looking/hoping for.

Eye Candy.
Since it is being developed for only current gen consoles, I'm hoping for a visual graphic update. I don't know how games are built, if they are built at max res and knocked down for weaker consoles, or built for the weak and boosted up, or a mixture in between. There are some beautiful games out right now (Mass Effect Andromeda, Horizon Zero Dawn) and it would be awesome to see the Destiny universe like this. Understanding, Bungie artistic style has always been on the more illustration side of realism but like every console, developers learn how to squeeze every bit out of them for max potential. The leap from Halo 1 to Halo 2 was huge! Halo 3 to Reach was pretty big too.

Customization options.
This has always been my biggest superficial gripe about Destiny. Their definition of "customization" was pretty weak. Abilities and stats attached to armor essentially ruins the concept of customization. My arguments against shaders have been well documented. A simple solution would be an ability boon that you could attach to your armor. Each piece of armor or weapon could have 5 or so slots and you can decide what to put in. There could even be different levels of boons dependent on how they are earned (Rare, Legendary, Exotic)

(off the deep end here)
I know this is a "heh...yeah keep dreaming" wish, but, I've always wanted a game where you can design your own armor. Bungie developed the Forge in Halo, so they have (had) the capability to give us a custom geometry engine. Forza gives us a livery editor. Surely, there is an in-between. Since D2 will be on PC, there will eventually be a mod/user community that starts creating content. There are already multiple 3D design programs that can be used in a browser. Perhaps an app/program where we can design armor and import them into the game.

Upgraded factions.
Make the factions worth something. Outside of weapon/armor gifts.

Exaggerated class abilities.
The three classes aren't that different when you think about it. Titans, for example, for being strong tanks, are pretty damn nimble. I'm a hunter with max agility, and I'm often being out run by titans gliding and shoulder charging all over. Make Titans higher defenses but slower agility. Make hunters weaker defense but faster agility. Make warlocks a middle ground with faster super charge.

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