As long as Bungie has Towers, there will be Kiosks (Destiny)

by DEEP_NNN, Monday, May 15, 2017, 08:32 (38 days ago) @ nico

Bungie wants us to see each other in game. They want their game to appear populated, active and therefore appealing to us gamers. They hope we will revel in our regalia. For the most part it has worked but long time players are starting to feel a bit forced into redundant/repetitive tasks.

Now it appears Towers will be gone in D2. Perhaps Kiosks will be anywhere and everywhere. My small point is that Bungie will still want us to see a world populated with active players. Kiosks provide a gathering point of activity and they don't need to be in a Tower. If gamers spend a lot of time in equipment menus but their character is not in Destiny's world, that's a lot of inactive open world space.

Whether there needs to be Kiosks, I don't know but Bungie's solution will included gamers seeing each other, a lot.

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