Des2ny Reveal Anticipation Thread (Destiny)

by Harmanimus, Tuesday, May 16, 2017, 08:38 (37 days ago) @ yakaman

Yes. I'd prefer factions to go deeper, and maybe close off other options/powers/equipment/builds. Would that mean a character committed to Dead Orbit would have no path backwards? Maybe. Good and bad possibilities here, but for me D2 would benefit from a clearer, more defined character identity. For others maybe this is a bad thing?

It is interesting that you bring this up. While I don't like the idea of set in stone for a game like Destiny (well, and living game really) making things more divided isn't entirely out of the question and would lead to some major choices. For example, the Exotic Faction Class Items are only available to you when pledged to a faction. Now, what if that applied to every piece of Faction Gear? Do you go for the New Monarchy Hand Cannon at he expense of the FWC Rocket Launcher? Maybe your best armor set is half Dead Orbit. What decision makes the most sense for your Faction Pledge this week?

I think greater distinction is also where some things have been headinng, but with more choice. While I like that all armor is basically potentially he same, weapons as your main interface have been getting more specialized. I haven't crunched numbers, but the variance in rolls for weapons seems to have diminished since vanilla, where if you had a class of weapons they all could get the same perks. Now what is available to one scout rifle arcihetype might vary between individual weapons. I want to see more of that, so that weapons do have more individual character.

And honestly, everytime someone suggests equipped sockets for armor I get excited. Would be nice to be able to fully customize armor from a gameplay perspective, so that I don't have to select armor I don't like for efficiency.

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