3 Acts of Destiny and D2 (Destiny)

by ManKitten ⌂, Southern Indiana, Wednesday, May 17, 2017, 06:50 (11 days ago)

So for the last month, here at work I've been stressed and overloaded. Now that I've gotten through that storm...I'm bored. So in anticipation of the reveal tomorrow, the Destiny soundtracks have been playing through the speakers in my office, which got me thinking.

On a micro scale, the soundtracks each have a different feel to them.
Destiny - Hope
The Taken King - Despair
Rise of Iron - Redemption

This fits the typical 3 act trope: Setup, Confrontation, Resolution.

Halo 1 by itself fit this. Finding the ring, releasing the flood, destroying the ring.
When you look at Halo 1-3, each game fits the trope. [paraphrasing] "I think we've just started", "Sir, finishing this fight", "Were it so easy."

Ok, so if Bungie follows the 3 act system, as they did with Halo then we can jump to the macro level and presume that Destiny 1 was the setup and Destiny 2 will be the confrontation. And as the trailer indicates, it is. So what was the setup in Destiny 1? Siva. Destiny and TTK were a cohesive story line. Then with Rise of Iron they introduce Siva at the end of this games life cycle?

Is the Cabal on Earth for Siva? We know they pillage for resources and Siva seems to be a pretty darn strong resource. Considering the ROI update wasn't that substantial, the purpose of the update could have just been the setup for D2. The cabal in the trailer looked a little different than we are used to and have different weapons. Are they infused with siva?

If this is true, should we expect a Destiny 3? By the time D2 has been around for a few years we will be approaching a new generation of consoles.

Thoughts? Am I rehashing stuff that's already been discussed?

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