Thought it looked great on every level. (Destiny)

by Leviathan, The Midwest, Thursday, May 18, 2017, 11:34 (35 days ago) @ Vortech

Within just the first cutscene with Zvala, we got cool insights into the constant deaths of being a Guardian and the rise of the Last City. Worldbuilding!

In the first mission we got exciting cinematics that propel you into the foray like a great Halo cutscene would do. The environment was alive and dynamic and told its own story with just the design (like seeing the enemy droppods land early on, then seeing them getting launched from the flagship later).

The art direction looked great as usual. I loved the Traveller-grappler ship. All the locales look like great places to explore.

The growth of Patrols, with characters to meet and Lost Sectors to find is right up my alley!

Dividing the story between the Vanguards and tying a planet to each sounds like a great way to keep each section of the campaign focused.

And most exciting of all: A TANK!

I call it. It's mine. Get away from it!

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