MIA NPCs (Destiny)

by Ragashingo ⌂ @, Texas | day/night cycle is not cannon, Thursday, May 18, 2017, 21:03 (9 days ago) @ narcogen

Thought I'd try to keep a running tab of NPCs we haven't seen (yet) in any of the new footage.

The Speaker

Obviously missing because it's a mission objective to try and save him. Looks like the Cabal destroyed his entire Traveler scanner pavilion.


She leaves the Tower after having helped with Oryx's defeat, according to Ghost Fragment: Eris Morn

Master Rahool
Mara Sov

Got her ship blowed up real good by Oryx. Is amost certainly still alive in one form or another though given that her brother continues to sense her presence in Ghost Fragment: The Reef 4

Prince Uldren

See Mara Sov.

Petra Venj

Presumably still leading the Reef, though I don't believe we saw anything of the Reef today.

Master Vance
Arach Jalal
Executor Hideo

The Exo Stranger

Known survivors seen in footage:

Amanda Holliday

Tower Sweeper Frame (last we saw it had killed a pair of Cabal and had resumed its sweeping duties)

Anybody spot any of the MIA above, or have an NPC from D1 that is MIA but not on the list?


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