Titan Character Design (Fan Art)

by Biwald ⌂, Redmond, WA, Friday, May 24, 2013, 16:11 (2907 days ago)

Just wanted to post my Titan character Design that I did for Bungie. Let me know what you think!


Description: This is my Character Design for Destiny. He is a veteran Titan, forged from the strength and sacrifice of his fallen brothers. ("m going to upload the color version later today.)

I based my characters armor off of Greek Spartan armor, and studied Destiny character concept art to help me out with the overall character build. I also made clean turn around poses for this character and will be posting that in the image description later (hopefully modeling the character later this year). Enjoy!

Took about 5 hours in Photoshop to paint.

-Joseph Biwald

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