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Scourge of the Past - Insurrection Prime (Raid: Scourge of the Past: Level 630)
Sunday, August 18, 2019 at 3:00 PM (Event is passed)
Title:Scourge of the Past - Insurrection Prime
Event:Raid: Scourge of the Past (Level 630)
Platform:PlayStation 4
When:Sunday, August 18, 2019 at 3:00 PM (America/Los_Angeles)

Is there any interest in finishing this off? Kupkake has the checkpoint to the last boss and this seemed like a good time for everyone.

Since this raid doesn't reset, this can be really casual. Play till dinner or one boss, then pick it up next week. No rush. I'm taking a break from Crown of Sorrows but it was really fun raiding with guildies.

Revive yourself to die! (/guitar)

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2dorksinlove Warlock (RSVP'd by 2dorksinlove)
kupkake (Any) (RSVP'd by kupkake191)
Torm23 Warlock (RSVP'd by Torm23)
Destroyo (RSVP'd by DestroyoBoy)
Omegaclown “I wont be around till later (6pm cst or later) I forgot I have to be somewhere that afternoon” (Tentative) (RSVP'd by TheOmegaClown)
Kermit-DBO “three more days” (Tentative) (RSVP'd by Kermit)
Pyro Warlock “Need this kill! But I have a job that runs until like 10pm(cst) that night :(” (Tentative) (RSVP'd by Pyromancy)