DBO shirts for sale! (DBO)

by ncsuDuncan @, Wednesday, June 19, 2013, 22:30 (3338 days ago)


Sharp-eyed followers of our E3 coverage may have noticed some exotic loot being tested by the away team: official DBO shirts! Our friend kanbo put these together for us and now he's ready to take orders from the entire community. Here are the details:

  • The front design was created by GrimBrotherOne and Leviathan.
  • The back of the shirt has a small DBO logo printed under the collar. (Design by Dean Hofmeyer.)
  • The shirts are made of thin, preshrunk cotton with a comfort fit cut; we're really happy with how these feel.
  • The default color is heather purple (in case we all want to match at events like PAX) but you can also order in heather blue. Ink color is white.
  • The current shirt cost is $11.99 (plus $3 for shipping). Kanbo can offer this price only by ordering in bulk, so shirt cost and color availability may change in the future.
  • This superior tunic has a combat level of 35 and comes with a +2 style bonus.

You can order your shirt on kanbo's site, DownPixel.com.

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