A Talk of Destiny Classes (Fan Creations)

by INSANEdrive, ಥ_ಥ | f(ಠ‿↼)z | ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ| ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, Friday, July 14, 2017, 14:30 (2510 days ago)

I, as a Historic Bungie Fan, Imaginative Creative Soul, and Review Monster have been following Destiny since the beginning. As someone who has followed Destiny from those earliest public beginnings, I am very much as Destiny describes a Warlock. This Class of Character has been my go to, long before I finally was able to get my hands on the character. I knew it when the first descriptions of the classes were posted. I knew it when I saw the game play for each of the classes (through Hunters were a strongly tied at that point). I knew it when I finally got my hands on the Destiny alpha and beta and I have been a Warlock throughout these three years, with a sporadic and inconstant checking out of the other two other flavors of Destiny character game play to mix things up every now and again.

Yes. It has indeed been a fruitful three years. Nothing like a little introspective to see how much has been walked. To understand the joys and tribulations of a past moment to better appreciate a future moments.

It has been mentioned by others in their own play with Warlocks, Hunters, & Titans that they have made stories for their characters. I have done the same, as I do since I was able to create their look. These stories have been sadly silent in these last three years.

With all this said, this is a very special post. A first, in fact. This post is the first time I've ever released any of my discussions* with my Warlock Character in full. Remember, It's nothing personal. I'm releasing this batch transcript recording of my recent talk with my Warlock Character on his thoughts, because in our latest discussion I think had some very interesting input even if it is, well... the opinion of a Warlock. To say the least, the entire recording is revealing, though not as I expected it to be. Oh! and... Please be patient. Really, my Warlock means well, but may come across abit... strong.

So without further adue...


* Just trying to set the stage here. No more no less. I'm crazy - but I'm not THAT crazy.

///Transcript A Start - ERROR TIME NOT SET\\\


*Ambient noise - Somewhere at the Tower*




*Walking Sound - Stone Tile*




Now how do I turn this thing on?... Wait... the light is on. Does the light mean it's on or just that it has power. Hmm.


\\\Transcript A End - ERROR TIME NOT SET///

///Transcript B Start - ERROR TIME NOT SET\\\


Wait! What did you do Banshee?


That's it?


Oh... so I was right after all. Well thanks for the help 44.



\\\Transcript B End - ERROR TIME NOT SET///

///Transcript C Start - ERROR TIME NOT SET\\\


Alright. Is the light on? Check. Ok... here we go. Hey Warlock! I have some... oh! I'm sorry, from the back you look just like my Warlock. Have you seen a Warlock... wait.. let me turn this offfff-are you ok? Why are you moving like that? Is that? Are you... Dancing? Oh...k.


\\\Transcript C End - ERROR TIME NOT SET///

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///Transcript G Start - ERROR TIME NOT SET\\\


Alright. Is the light on? Check. Did I hit that button?... doesn't look like it. Alright. Ok. This is ... I hope. Hey Warlock *faint distant explosion sound* you busy!? Could you come down from the tree, I want to*faint distant explosion sound* ask you something!


[image]*Turns head looks down* Hmm!? *faint distant explosion sound* Oh hey! I apologize. One moment.

Ugh... what were those explosions?


[image]Just got back from the field, re-watching my performance I recorded for study. I'm surprised there isn't an easier method for this, so I had to Forge together a contraption to get this data. It's not Theater quality, but it gets the job done.

Cool. What did you do?

[image] I...uh...what was it... 360 no scoped over a wall blind resulting in a quad...nay... what was it... quintuple?... Yes, quintuple kill.

360 no? ...Rr-ight. So I've have endeavored to document the classes before th...

[image]OOOoO! Documentation! Why didn't you say so! May I help!

...uh. As a matter of fact I was counting on it.


Yea...Aaa shoot, I have to ask, your vernacular on your game play description. Why were you speaking that way?

[image]Why? What you mean?

I mean I don't doubt the numbers in the kill count, just...360 no scope over a wall?

[image]Alright. I guess that did give it away. I admit I've been watching you wonder around the tower for the last half hour to forty-five. Knew you were up to something.

Really!? Why didn't you call me over!? And... what does this have to do with your manner of speech?

[image] Well... I was actually... reading, initially. That's why I was in this tree.

-_- Warlock. Why do you sound so guilty? -_-

[image] Well... I've been trying to expand my outlook on things, and I found where you keep your messages. So... I may have, been doing some... light reading. Of them.

ಠ_ಠ [image]ಠ_ಠ

[image]If I may say so, some of the messages you get are quite...odd. What is an Xbox Live?

You...you! *Deep breath* Uh. Oh boy. Uh Yeeeea... just take my word for it, and don't put your efforts into expanding your outlook from that source of...things. As for reading my stuff, we'll sternly talk about those do's and do not's later, not here. Needless to say you shouldn't read stuff that isn't yours to read.

[image] Oh! I-I'm sorry! I didn't mean to offend! I was just curious, and...

I know I know. I know you were curious. We'll talk about this later, I need get started with why I've seeked you out in the first place, before we get attacked randomly by a ravenous Carp, Centipede, or Marionberry! In your own words please, What's it like being a Warlock? This is for documentation purposes so be thorough please.

[image] A ravenous Marionberry? What is a Marionberry? How does one make it raveno...?

FOCUS please! This is being recorded. Warlock... Your own words, What is it like being a Warlock?

[image] Right. It's rather simple really. Warlocks are unquestionably, the ultimate expression of the Travelers light, of course.

Is... is that it?

[image]Do you require more?

Again, this is for documentation purposes. Please be thorough.

[image]Yes Yes. Very true. Alright. If I could remember my name, I would state it now. I am an Exo Warlock. The only idea I have as to what happened in my past is the gash on my head, and the red on my golden face. My blue eyes are far brighter then my mouth, which may have significance, or simply be a fluke in my construction. All in all I don't know, I'm not too sure what to make of these thing. I hope I didn't hurt anyone, of if I did it was for the greater good of things. These are just some of the questions that drive me as a Warlock today. I also don't know what questions drove me in my past, so I'm trying to figure that out too. I'm trying to figure that out The Truth in all things, and how the Traveler works in this Truth. For example: Why is the Traveler called the Traveler? Where is it from? What was its purpose in coming here? Why did it give such gifts? These are just some of the questions that drive me as a Warlock. Alas, in these last three years information has been very fleeting with data, even against my very best efforts. There is a part of me that figures that If I got out from the tower more than I do now, with more time into the wilderness I may be able to figure out more. There is so much that has not been found! All blatant by the obvious gaps in knowledge. Yet, I can't seem to be away too long from the Tower. I just enjoy the ability to study what we have here too much. In fact I must admit, while fleeting, I do enjoy my talks with Ikora Rey and her ilk. You can tell you are about to hear a fine story when the story invokes Invective. Her talks on the Study and Philosophies of Stillness are also equally intellectually entertaining.

Speaking of study, while our work is far from done, there have been fruits from our efforts. By understanding the Travelers Light, we've been able to tap into the mastering in some of the Travelers arcane energi...

Can I stop you right there real quick.

[image]*Gestures Go Ahead*

You mentioned that you feel that Warlocks are the ultimate expression of the Travelers light. What makes you say that?

[image]What do you mean? Is it not rather obvious? Through our knowledge and study we Warlocks are the ultimate embodiment of power. Those who disagree tend to be dead, respawning, or barking about Warlocks being "overpowered" - which is ridiculous. When you are the ultimate embodiment of power, there is no such thing as overpowered. It just simply is. We can cast vast swaths of raw arcane energy to, for the sake of description, utterly disintegrate those we cast towards. We can harness the untapped electromagnetic potential trapped from the matter within our forms, causing us to magno-levitate, and cast this vast natural energy towards our foes. It's interesting, I've heard the most complaints about this one, which is rather odd. What are they expecting? It to tickle? I imagine in some cases there may be a sort of tickling sensation if in those brief moments before they meet their fate from our charged state, were able to get close enough and if their physical forms had some sort of an amount of compatible threadlike structures that could contain a charge much like humans grow from their epidermal structure from the papilla deep in the corium...

WAR-LOCK! You're drifting off topic... again. Please.

[image]Right. Sorry. Uh... where was I?

I believe you were about to talk about your solar ability.

[image]Of Course! I'm particularly proud of this ability, it's basically our signature! Alright... so after an amount of time to build up the Travelers light we can revive ourselves without the aid of our GHOST! ISN'T THAT AMAZING! Very helpful for those situations when our ghost can't tap into the Travelers light...or...however they do what they do. How do they do that? Do I know that? I should think about that. ... Anyway I'm going to let you in onto a little secret, for prosperities sake.

*lowers voice...moves in closer*

Thanks to many an hour of study, and the assistance of the Cryptarchs, we Warlocks have learned of this ancient system called... chalk-ra? er...Chicklets? No...too many syllables. Well...something along those lines. Anyway, so right now what we do is bottle up the build up within our quantum selves a little bit of the Travelers light. So... when the time comes we just dig deep regardless our state and... POP! There is this GLORIOUS awakening, that I cannot describe. We just become the light or SOMETHING of it. Our study on this is not perfect through. We are still working on this ability even through it is already stunning as is. Lots of the light seeps out from our bodies, that's what those "wings" are, and among our best efforts...it...*sigh* seems to be simply not possible to totally contain it. There is probably some knowledge we are missing still.

What do you think you'll be able to do if you can confine it within yourself?

[image]Honestly I can't even fathom. It could be anything! Perhaps we would be able to... *whisper* speak to the Traveler.*/whisper* eeee!

*deep breath*

For now through, I and other Warlocks have a few ideas on this. We figure if we can't contain, then to see if we can shift how the light moves through our forms in different concentrations. Some speculation on this includes the ability to actually fly through jet like propulsion, to cast this raw light energy directly out to our foes from our hands with devastating effect, or even perhaps be able to... and I hope it's this... to, reach out and revive one of our fellow Gardens at range! No longer would we have to risk our necks for their choices! Oh! there is even speculation what we could mass-resurrect all our fire team members by casting out our light into the room! Through that would probably cause some rather large - but hopefully temporary - reduction in health and our abilities or even dissolve our forms into a state where only our ghost could bring us back... but. But really... It could be anything! The catch being if we change how things flow, it may very well change how the super behaves in a negative fashion, or even irreparably damage our bodies prohibiting our further experimentation. We've decided it's worth the risk through, so we're actually going to test out this idea in a few days from now, and I'm willing to take the risk. On a global and personal level this is a very exciting time. Very exciting.

*voice returns to room level...moves to relax*

Do you need anything else?

Wow. Well thanks for the heads up. That does sound fairly interesting. I wish you luck and I look forward to acting upon the result of your choices. Now we change topics Warlock, What can you tell me about the Hunters?

[image]Ugh. The Hunters. Yea. I would actually be impressed with their skills if they weren't so brash and undisciplined. Hunters are... well... they are Hunters.

[image]Did I just hear someone name the best class! Or was I hearing things!? 'Cus, *psh* Duh!


Where did you com-? What are you doing here? You were supposed to be with the Titan helping him hold and keep watch.

[image]Yea, and I was, and let me tell ya - it's a good thing that guy is Awoken, 'cus I was falln' asleep something FAST! HA HAHA...eh...No? Well. No one is going to attack the tower after we've killed a bunch of dark god things, and I'm bored out of my human-freek'n skull. What are you doing here anyway?


[image]Trying to get some actual work done, perhaps?

[image]Hey... Hey... look... I respect that you think you know everything, so please respect when work actually needs to get done - everyone else knows who to actually call. *Wink*

Uhh... Guys?

[image]I don't think I know everything, that's why I search for answers. If you actually stopped to think before you act, maybe your little cape wouldn't have so many holes.

[image]Oh! Oh. Oh-k-Look, you being a Warlock and all, I understand you don't understand the true meaning of Frabjous, and that's fine-that's-fine-that's... fine. You like to keep the tourniquet look on your arm, and that's great. You do you. Yet, this ain't the only cape I got, and I like - you probably didn't notice this - but I do switch it around every now again. Some capes I am very protective of. Yet even when I'm not, as you see here, there is alot of memory in these suckers. Way I see it - bullet holes and what not show character. ...and-my-cape-is-not-little.

Uhh... Guys!? Are we seriously doing this again.

[image]Perhaps I never did concede how much character bullet holes can show. Like, show how much space on a fire team is waited when a warlock or titan would be better off alone.

[image]Yea! Now you're getting it, we hunters are the Lone Wolf in the Guardian pack and I... *wait a sec*.

*Arm Intercom* Titan, could you come in here real quick?

[image]How many times have you died from rash actions?

[image]It's not a rash! I mean... It's not rash, just sometimes the cloaking function just doesn't last as long as it should.

[image]Would you like assistance in prolonging the cloaking function?

[image]My how gracious of you... Na-I think I 'll make do without the Warlock help. I don't need to make it more complex thanks, it's fine as it is.

[image]So you know there is a problem, yet you go into battle anyway? *Sigh* Hunters.

[image]There is nothing wrong with that ...mostly...

[image]Yes Sir!

Titan, I think you lost something. Could you take that Hunter back to the post I've assigned you both?

[image] Apologies Sir! Will do.

[image]...it makes things interesting! ... Uh oh. What did I do now?


[image]Hunter, you're coming back with me. No tricks.

[image]Uhh... *Cloak*

Oh great... here we go again.

[image]I don't understand sir. I said no tricks.

[image] Not everyone has the same respect for discipline like you Titan.

Titan. Could you?

[image]Already on it sir, as per orders. When I find him, I will take him back to the post. Excuse me sir.

Well... while he is off tending to that. Where were we?

[image]I don't understand.


[image]He always has to be the trouble maker. It seems like with Cade as a leader they can never be totally serious with the task at hand. It's so obvious Cade is a bad influence, I don't understand why he has a leader position. Hunters always got to do their own thing and get killed in result. It's such a needless headache. You know, I hear at one point they weren't so glib with their actions? They were once far more a team player. There was this one story I heard, where the beginning of the end for hunters was when they attempted two man fire teams, with one hunter each. A Demon of the darkness killed one, and the other became so distraught into madness that...

Stop. I don't want gossip Warlock. Keep this evidence based.

[image]I'm sorry, it just so... frustrating! I don't understand.

Just to be clear here; Is all this from The Hunters? or just my Hunter?

[image]Both! The Hunters, which in my view, are unquestionably the worst and ill designed class of them all. They have squandered... SQUANDERED, the potential that all Hunters have. It's as if...as if... well... a hunter designed it. No imagination and all instinct. Want to hear a joke I've been working on? Why can't hunters clamber, climb, or running double leaping back flip off walls? Because that would require thought in effort! He He He...Heh. Hmmm. Your expression denotes that you did not find this humorous.

No Warlock. It wasn't funny. Just concerning. I think you are letting your frustrations guide your emotions.

[image]It's not frustration! It's just... illogical. Anyway, Hunters took the power the light gives and they just... put it into a gun form? That's it. They don't even change what the gun does! No imagination! I mean, to its credit at least it's one of the few things they have that gets the job done, unlike Bladedancer. With the Golden Gun it's all utility without passion! Probably because Bladedancer took up all the passion. Or... is it that Golden Gun took up all the utility? I'll have to think about that. Anyway, Bladedancers are a big joke. I mean it is high on style, and that is about it. It's such a waste. Just such a shameful was-

Warlock stop. This is getting out of hand. I had no idea you had such pent up thoughts, and had I known I wouldn't have pursued it, at least here in the tower. Is there really nothing about Hunters you find redeeming?

[image]Well. ... There are a few hopeful sparks of relevance in the Hunters kit. I never tire seeing a Hunter line up a throwing knife. That's a skill I wish I had at times. It never gets old. NEVER. I could also use the increase in my melee range, I'm kind of jealous of that. You know... at one point it was the only thing I liked about the Hunters. So much potential. You know... If I had access to that kit. Instead of... Instead of throwing solar grenades en mass, it would probably be triple solar knives. Or maybe even an onslaught of knives of light? Or maybe I could... well... I'll have to think about that.

So is that it? They have throwing knives?

[image]No no, there is actually one more thing which was re-discovered fairly recently, or at least to my awareness. It... actually gives me hope.

[image]Sir. Forgive my interruption.

Hold on. No worries Titan. So what is it you hav-aaaaa-!!actually!!... real quick. Would you mind telling me in your own words, What's it like being a Titan?

[image]Sir! To be a Titan is to be a protector! A Titan is Honor! A Titan is Respect! It is we Titans whom hold the line when others cannot! We Titans, with the all Travelers gifts in our supers; our specialty is in making sure none shall pass unless we grant it. Walls fail - WE. SHALL NOT!

*Other Titans*


*/Other Titans*

Well then. Alright Titan, I think that sums it up... you were about to say?

[image]Yes sir - the Hunter. To his credit sir, I can't seem to find him. I've looked in every hiding spot I could think of and I just can't seem to...

[image]*Sudden De-Cloak crouched in the middle of the group ring*

Oh. Uh. Hi Big Guy. Nice speech. And uh... hey all.

*The Three of us just stare down at the Hunter*

[image]Well... Warlock... maybe you are on to something after all.

[image]Barring the obvious, you could have chosen anywhere. Why there - Why Here!?

[image]You kidding!? Hiding in the obvious and plain sight is Hunter 101! Who would expect this!?

[image](*whisper to self* But if It's Hunter 101, doesn't that make it expected?)

How long have you been there?

[image]Long enough to overhear the slander this Warlock is dripping into your ear! You can't possibly mean all that!

[image]I meant every word.

[image]Yea! Well I guess *starts to stand* I would be grumpy too if I had the WORST JUMP of all the classes! *standing overstretched for a moment. Then relaxed standing.*

[image]*Eyeroll* It's the best actually, nothing personal Titan, but unfortunately jumping properly in aid of the Travelers light seems to be too hard of a skill for others to comprehend.

[image]Comprehend... jumping? Oh this ought to be good. You got me Warlock. How is this poor Hunter supposed to comprehend jumping?

[image]You have the light with in you. Use it to fight gravities pull and there is no need to jump. It's kind of like flying actually, even if it is just a glide.

[image]Heh heh heh...*Sarcasm* Well. I think we've all learned something today. Note to self - learn how to triple jump. Oh! The other Hunters will be so jell- OW!

[image]*Titan grabs Hunter by the arm*

Stop this silly bickering. If the job is done it doesn't matter. Warlock I expect better from you. Hunter pull a trick like that again, and I'll hit you with my hammer, my fist, or both - and then I'll carry your ghost back and revive you there, understood!? Sir excuse me, we have a post to protect.

[image] *Shrug* *Tug*

walking - Grass then Stone Tile*

[image]Aaa-not so hard. Uhh- MASTER... or whatever, could I request we go there by Mr. Titan doing his flying falling with style thing? I mean if I'm going to be bored then at least getting there can be more interesting.


I was unaware you could use your supers while at the tower. Could you even survive the fall even with your super? How do you feel about this idea Titan?

[image] OH MY GOODNESS - CAN WE JUST DO SOMETHING BUT TAL-ow! Not so hard dang it!

[image] Stop making such a fuss. *Loosens grip* Sir. My super is not charged here. Regardless I would rather take the ship.

Then do so Titan, I have work here I'm trying to finish.

[image] Aw man. You never let me have any fun. Wait- How are the two of us going to fit in your one man sh... *TH-WAK!*

*Titan & Hunters Ghost dissolve*

[image]... Well. I believe that was the second time he interrupted us. Where was I?

Well, now that the Titan has his eye on him we should be fine now. As I recall, you were talking about something the Hunters re-discovered recently. Something you found redeeming?

[image]Redeeming? About that Hunters!? Oh! Rr-Right. Their little void arrow thing. I have to say, I was happily surprised with this super. Helped to add credence to those rumors I mentioned too. Honestly this super gives me a small 'bout of hope for the Hunters. There is nothing about it that I feel is wasted. It really shows the difference in style and age, since, if my understanding is right it actually was one of their much older supers that had somehow become lost. Not only can it be used to hold their own, but I've also witnessed its great ability to help the team in is objective. As a bonus, it actually shows some imagination. It really fills me with hope. Just don't tell him I said that.

Why don't you want him to know?

[image]I'll never hear the end of it.

Alright. Well.. then next thing we have to talk about is the Titans.

[image]If I may ask, what exactly is this documentation for? I should have asked this in the beginning, but I suppose my elation got the better of me.

I recently made a rather obvious observation that I hadn't thought about in till recently. Each class has had for the last three or so years, three types of Supers for each class, and I'm not talking energy type. Look at this:

  • Long Range Supers - Void Walker (Nova Bomb), Sunbreaker (Hammer of Sol), Gunslinger (Golden Gun)
  • Short Range Supers - Stormcaller (Stormtrance), Striker (Fist of Havoc), Bladedancer (Arc Blade)
  • Unitary Supers - Sunsinger (Radiance), Defender (Ward of Dawn), Nightstalker (Shadowshot)

[image]How interesting. I actually never took the time to really conceder how our supers compare to others. I'll have to think about this. So what does this have to do with me? What do my thoughts have to do with this observation?

[image]*Sudden De-Cloak in-between shoulders*

Aw-Man! Just when it was getting interesting!

-(Same Time)-


[image]Well I almost wish I was surprised.

-(/Same Time)-

[image]Well yea. Even Titans can't fight the tether, especially with no super to counter act my cast.

--(Same Time)--

So you just pissed him off...

[image]Can if they are Defenders.

--(/Same Time)--

... Hold up Warlock. Barring the story on how ever you got back up here so fast, Is there a reason why you are here Hunter? Again!?

[image] There was a reason I was up here in the first place when-, before your favorite over here instigated.

[image] I instigated? Heh...Ugh. And yet... here we are still, for some reason, still trying to get some actual work done.

And let's just stop that right there. Hunter, there is obviously something you want. Let's hear it *glance to Warlock* without interruption.

[image] Actually, could we go somewhere else. Somewhere with a bit less *glance to Warlock* of an interruption.

[image] Seriously?

Let it be, we'll be right back. Let's go upstairs. Watch the ships wiz by the Traveler.

[image] *Sigh* Finnnne. I'll be here when you get back. I need to practice my new meditation stance anyway. It's really hard on the knees unless you do it right.


*Ambient noise - Tess selling her wares - Sweeper Bot*


*Walking - Stairs Sound*


Alright. What's up?


[image] Why am I here man?

Wha! Wha-what do you mean? That sounds more like a Warlock question.

[image] What? No. No... none of that deep nonsense. Why am I here? Why did you send one of your three ghosts to make me...ME! I really am bored out of my freaking skull. I feel like I should be dead, but I'm alive. I WAS DEAD, but I still feel dead. Geeze. What a mindjob.


I'm rarely allowed out, and when I AM allowed out it's more out of curiosity then want. So why even bother. Why am I even here?


Well. The honest truth is, I prefer the style of action that Warlocks provide. I even match fairly well with some of their basic natures. It's just a more natural fit. It's nothing personal.

[image] Pft. Look. I get it. They're freaking space-wizards-that-get-to-smite-things-with-thought alone. That get to fly around on the might of flaming wings, smiting the darkness with their flaming sword... or whatever. I'm kidding about that last part of course. Geez. Could you imagine? It's bad enough they can float in the air.
Heh. ...


I wish I could fly.


So is this about...

[image] Ya know. He is right. I probably should do something about my cloak. Both types of them actually. Invisibility and this squid on my back. In fact... lately I've been wondering about the entire Bladedancer style. I mean if I do tinker with it, well shoot, why not play with the whole shebang? See if I can increase the range. I've been thinking about, instead of my knife, using a staff instead.

A staff? Isn't that more a Wizard-Of-Old thing?

[image] I KNOW RIGHT! Oh the Warlocks are going to be so STEAMED!

Why do you have such a problem with the Warlocks?

[image] Problem? I have no problem with them at all. They are just so easy, I just can't help myself. They act like they have control over their emotions, but we know better. They are a writhing sea of uncertainty just like the rest of us. *Sarcastic tone* Chosen by the Traveler! Thanks Bud! */Sarcastic tone* Heh HA ha! I like to see if I can get them to stop pretending with their nonsense. Pretending to be so disciplined. Blah. That said... I do respect the work they do. Even the trench coat thing it pretty cool. Just don't tell him I said that, there is a rule with us Hunters. Look better, just don't look like you look better. If the Warlocks found out we were trying we would never hear the end of it. *Sigh* You wouldn't BELIEVE how easy it is for this cape to get caught in things. That's where the HOLES are from! But that's not cool! SO fine... bullet holes and darkness blasts. I'll take it. I'm more used to the front lines anyway.


Alright hunter...

[image] Hmm?

How 'bout this. I've overheard that there is an unusually high amount of the satellites that seem to be down, not all, but enough to notice. Go into the wilderness and see if anything fell out of orbit. We need to figure out why and this reconnaissance would help in figuring out what is going on.

Furthermore, look into your Bladedancer style, and see what you can come up with. In fact - look at your entire kit. Who knows, maybe it will change your style of action, and we'll make more adventures together. Worth a shot right?


[image]Yea! Now we're talk'n! You SEE! *Starts to run off* Oh- Real quick. I stole the Titans Ship, so if you see him again; Tell him I'm REALLY REALLY SORRY! Well... kind of. Tell him I'm-really-kindof-sorry! WOO! I'm free!

*Sigh* Geez. Everyone really is a character.


*Walking Down Stairs Sound*


...Oh shoot! Did I record all that?...
... I did!? Aw man. Hm. You know what...


Alright I'm back.


[image]How did the therapy session go?

Therapy session?

[image]Sir, I'm Warlock. I know emotion being held back when I see it. Hunters may pretend like they don't care all the time, but they feel just the same as any other.

Heh. I can neither confirm or deny that it was a therapy session, but I sent him out into the wilderness.

[image]Why did you do that? He constantly ignores protocol, and you gave him what he wants!? How is that the right thing to do sir?

Like it or not, we need those skills he provides. Plus, keep him here - Titan is going to kick his ass.

[image]Ah. Well, I can understand that... a fair point.

Speaking of which, if we may finally finish up, your thoughts on the Titans.

[image]What else can I add that hasn't been already said? They are a bit narrow-minded in their pursuits, but honestly I respect the choices they make. They wish to be the eternal protector, well... I see no harm in that. We could honestly do a better job, but we have other things to do. For what it's worth through, they do what they do well. The city is safe, the tower secure. I trust their judgment. They can be abit thick at times through, and they can't seem to ever admit that things can change. All said... yea... ultimately as long as they do right by the last free cit *turn head*...Uh Oh.


[image]Oh this ought to be good.

What happened?

[image]Apologies Sir! So... it is a well known tactical ability that Hunters have always been rather fast, sir. It's my fault, I let my guard down. I think... *move in closer* the safety of the city has left us abit more casual then we should be sir. *return to relaxed*

Right after I rez-ed him, he shrugged and apologized. Perplexed but alarmed, I was about to grab him and ask him what he meant. Before I could even move, he tethered me and ran off. He made a hole with two more surprise shots, stopping four other Titans focused on their post. He got away. If I had to guess, it in part because I mentioned I was going to need to charge my super. That was my tactical error, as he knew I couldn't stop his super in response. I'm not sure how he got his up so fast, maybe something to do with him in his ghost state and the nature of the tower? I don't know, all in all he was just too fast for me in that moment sir. Then, after that, he stole my ship.

I know. I sent him into the wilderness.

[image]You did what? You condone his behavior sir?

Not entirely, no. I was unaware of some of those details. Yet, on the same strange coin, those skills you personally witnessed on display are those of the Hunters, skills that we will need in the future. I can't tell him not do to do those things, then later on tell him to do to do those things. To be angry at him, is to be angry at why the wolves howl at night, do you understand my meaning Titan?

[image] Yes Sir! I can understand the tactical advantages. But there is a time and place for such skills sir! We can't let this insubordination go unpunished! We must do something. You can make him understand he can't just do whatever he wants whenever he feels like it! He MUST act as ordered. It is imperative.

I understand your view. His actions can be very trying, especially for you Titan. Just as you said, Titans hold the line, well... Hunters specialties are getting past the line. And Warlocks? *Turn to face* They make sure there is no line left.

*Turn Socially back and forth*

Together you make up the Guardians. Together you shall defeat any foe. I trust that even in the Guardians Darkest Hour, as long as you are Together you will find your successes againet the greatest odds. Guardians might not die casually, but as long as they are Together, they never will. Plus - it helps that you have a lone wolf fallback with your Ghost and the lig- *static*

|||ERROR - END OF RECORD : Reason - FULL|||

\\\Transcript End - ERROR TIME NOT SET///

Goodness. What a Clash of Characters. I hope you found my observations interesting, as well as the way I dolled said thoughts it all out. Two (or more) birds - one stone. I started this out of a moment of vison in creativity. I don't know... it was a good day I guess. So on Sunday the 9th of July my first draft was made in five very fast hours plus formatting. Time is weird. The second draft was six hours plus formatting. The "final" posted draft you see here was about another eight plus formatting. Thirty-Three pages and seven thousand and fifty four words exactly with all formatting. I hope this leaves you with just some things to think about once we get our hands on the Destiny 2 Beta.

This was fun. It seems the out of all the Angst the Destiny as also provided over the years, I've become a better writer as a result. So that's neat I guess. Bungie just keeps on inspiring new skills in me! So... glad that hasn't changed at least.

In making some of the more image based parts of this post, I found myself watching cut scenes I haven't bothered to watch in, well, three years or so. I have to say, now that we have all this visually stunning kit, we really do look like some sort of illustrated legends. I suppose that part of my surprise came from the first year memories, when our garb was much less... visually spectacular on purpose, sans any exotic we could get. Watching my character(s) walk down the queens corridor after beating "Eye of a Gate Lord" (Helmet Off), hearing the oh so infamous line after "A Strangers Call" (Helmet Always On), and the parts that occur before and after your gentle stroll through "The Black Garden" was... I don't know. It's nothing earth shattering mind you... but interesting. At least for me.


I highly recommend before we get our hands on Dest2ny, if not for old time sake, taking your kitted out character for a spin and see who he or she is once they can act in a more scripted motion of autonomy.

Speaking of characters, what ya'll think of mine? Unlike Kermits group, who are as I recall, a family; my group are bonded by happenstance. They are vaguely self aware of their existence, but knows nothing of what comes before them until they are hands on in that moment. At least that is how it is... for now. I am them and I am not them and vise versa. I play as I would in a situation, but sometimes to add to the play I ask myself "what would my character do" and act on it.

If you could have a conversation with you character(s), what would it be?

My main - My Warlock, his character is "that collage professor you had when he was younger". I know that could mean an assortment of things, but for me it means some of these points:

  • Over thinker
  • Obsessively curious to the point of risking trouble to satisfy it.
  • Embraces his own gathered intelligence. It's this mixed with point one that gets him those "blunt-as-a-rock" points. He doesn't know this yet through, and when he does - He'll need to think about it.
  • Always puts 120% of his efforts into a task, regardless if the task requires it.
  • Always means well in his actions. Neutral Good.

Then there is my neglected two, the Hunter and Titan. My hunter is "every sibling ever". I know that could mean an ever larger assortment of things, but for my character it means some of these points:

  • Quick thinker. Quickly bored.
  • Fills the time by antagonizing, then getting out of the trouble he makes. If there is a button that breaks something, he will find it.
  • Just go for it attitude.
  • Gets away with basically EVERYTHING! Somehow by some act of the light or benevolence of a moment in timing. Means that something that anyone else would have gotten in trouble for or killed, works.
  • Deep DEEP down is actually a really cool person who does care. Chaotic Good.
  • Bonus!: My hunter is an Asian ethnicity Human, who blind in one eye from an unknown something his past. Furthermore despite his "technical biological age", his hair is completely white.

As for my Titan, well I imagine is pretty blatant in character. My least fleshed out character, which may change in Dest2ny, his current character is "army/judge/autom-it-ton hybrid mix or something ".

  • Can't see past a choice.
  • Discipline in action. Unwavering belief in the group, but can act alone as needs be.
  • As long as the end goal is satisfied, means are justified.
  • If all else fails, or there is a lack of an obvious goal or objective... smash it. Would not recommend for I.T. work.
  • Doesn't know what to think. Deep down the most fearful of the three. Lawful Neutral.
  • My Titan is an totally bleached Awoken, all white except for the black stripes on his face. While the reason is unknown, the current idea he lives with is that he was touched by the darkness and survived, even if he doesn't remember anything.

With all that said, those are my characters for Destiny. If I do get it, I look forward to seeing how they are to be challenged in Dest2ny.Of course... there was also, one other. Another day perhaps. Another day.

Oh... and because you survived all that (or because scrolled all the way down) I found something in the DBO archives. This is being posted in July so it counts. ;P


Hope you enjoyed this large post. ;D

...and I'll see you starside.




by Ragashingo ⌂, Official DBO Cryptarch, Friday, July 14, 2017, 17:25 (2509 days ago) @ INSANEdrive

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Forum Lore Master is Pleased! Ha-zaaa! (Thank you.)

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Fun read!

by ZackDark @, Not behind you. NO! Don't look., Saturday, July 15, 2017, 10:33 (2509 days ago) @ INSANEdrive

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Fun to write! Thank you.

by INSANEdrive, ಥ_ಥ | f(ಠ‿↼)z | ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ| ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, Saturday, July 15, 2017, 12:34 (2509 days ago) @ ZackDark

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