Xbox headset recommendations (Gaming)

by Phoenix_9286 @, Wednesday, January 02, 2019, 01:07 (517 days ago)

Alright, so a close friend of mine needs a good stereo headset for the Xbox. It doesn't have to be super expensive, it just needs fairly large cans. Why? Well that's the wrinkle.

He's deaf. A birth defect left him with basically no ears to speak of. For years he used a bone conduction hearing-aid with a headband, and it all rested in such a way that he could comfortably use the stock headsets in conjunction with it. A couple months back, that legacy hearing-aid finally, irreparably, died, and he was forced to upgrade into the hearing-aid he liked markedly less.

The new one is all sorts of fancy. Bluetooth enabled, supposedly better sound (he debates that), more compact (he debates that too), and doesn't require a headband as it plugs directly into a port surgically implanted in his skull (this is kind cool, he can actually hear in stereo now if he uses both).

Basically, my friend is a Cyberman when he's wearing both of these at the same time.

Anyway, the fact that it's plugged directly into his skull has become a major problem as it's extremely sensitive to any pressure applied to it. IE: The stock headsets. If he tries wearing one of those with the hearing-aid, he's either met with feedback or a bad connection.

After much trial and error he's found a work around in the form of a wireless antenna he can plug into the audio out on the back of his tv. The premise is thusly: Route all audio through the tv, including chat. All audio is sent through the antenna directly to his hearing-aid. Wear the headset around his neck, adjust mic appropriately, all is kosher. Sort of. He inevitably has to spend time adjusting chat volume up, or game volume down, or tweaking audio levels in game.

It's a constant battle. A battle that would be rectified with a solid stereo headset that fitd AROUND the hearing-aid, instead of ONTOP of it.

So. Circling back, what's a good stereo headset for the Xbox? And the bit that makes this a longshot? He probably needs somewhere in the range of an inch in clearance so it isn't pressing on the hearing-aid.

Thanks in advance!

Xbox headset recommendations

by ChrisTheeCrappy, Wednesday, January 02, 2019, 06:28 (517 days ago) @ Phoenix_9286

Turtle Beach's I have are rather comfortable. They are the X-8 I think, but I bought them as B-Stock from Turtle Beaches website (~$120 instead of $2xx.). I believe they have Stereo versions that would be even cheaper but similar headset comfort.

I highly suggest going to a local Gaming store, they should have a few used etc, that he/she can try on to see what feels the best, as nothing sucks more than getting the new one and it doens't fit their shape.



by Blackt1g3r @, Login is from an untrusted domain in AZ, Wednesday, January 02, 2019, 06:28 (517 days ago) @ Phoenix_9286

Instead of a headset, maybe consider a chatpad? The MS chatpad has buttons on the pad for controlling the volume as well as the balance between game and voice chat. That makes it super simple to change the volume during a game.

For a cheap headset with a large earcup maybe take a look at the HyperX Cloud Stinger. Supposedly the earcups are quite large and it's only $50.

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