Puyo Puyo Tetris (Gaming)

by Cody Miller @, Music of the Spheres - Never Forgot, Sunday, February 03, 2019, 12:04 (356 days ago)


This game is the shit.

I saw it was out on PS4 after havingreturned my switch.

The real magic is the fusion mode where you play with both tetramino and puyo pieces. Holy crap this opens up so many additional possibilities, strategies, and gambits. So tetraminos smash the puyos as they come down removing them, until the piece settles and then the puyos that were eliminated drop again from the top, which can set off combos, especially if you clear your lines with the tetramino. But wait there's more! You can fast drop it for immediate elimination, or slow drop it and be given the chance to stack things on top of it while it's smashing the puyos. So you can set off combos you could never set off before, AND and if you stack a tetramino on top you could potentially clear EIGHT LINES AT A TIME. That's right, a motherfucking double Tetris. Being able to quickly identify when you want to fast drop vs slow drop is really strategic in this mode.

Okay, it's all awesomeness except for a couple things. First of all, Puyo Puyo vs Tetris is super imbalanced because Tetris has a fast drop and Puyo Puyo does not. A fast Tetris player will wreck your shit before you can even get a 2 wave combo in. Even though Tetris is more limited with ways to send blockers, the sheer speed with which you can play makes it hard to stop. But if you can get a little thing off at the start you kind of stand a chance.

The other thing that is a bit controversial is the fact that when you combo, you can cancel blockers about to come over unlike older version of puyo puyo. I tend to prefer not being able to cancel, since that punishes building large combos. If you can set up large combos, only to simply be able to set it off early to eliminate the incoming blockers, then it's 'safe' to do so. If blockers can't be canceled, then every further wave you set up is a gamble, and if your opponent sets of smaller waves with fewer blockers it could throw you off. Bottom line is that no blocker canceling promotes a faster more strategic type of play I think, and canceling makes it okay to hoard and just bail to save yourself.

Oh. And all the online players are from Japan. I'm getting my ass kicked lol.

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