Team DBO Iron Banner and Survival (video) (Destiny)

by CruelLEGACEY @, Toronto, Thursday, November 07, 2019, 11:20 (207 days ago)

Had a great time in the crucible last night with some fellow DBOers. I live-streamed some of it on a whim (something I might try to do more often), and ended up capturing some exciting matches.

We started with some Iron Banner, before Peter, Claude and I moved into the Survival playlist.

Here's the entire broadcast. I'll post timestamps for the start of each match below:

1st Iron Banner match: 1:08
2nd Iron Banner match: 15:00
3rd Iron Banner match: 26:10
4th Iron Banner match: 43:38
5th Iron Banner match: 55:30

1st Survival match: 1:05:38
2nd Survival match: 1:21:05 (failed to match, automatic win)
3rd Survival match: 1:24:05 (failed to match, automatic win)
4th Survival match: 1:28:16
5th Survival match: 1:43:53
6th Survival match: 1:58:33 (failed to match, automatic win)

^ As you can see by the timestamps, we had the strangest experience in the Survival playlist. We queued into matchmaking 6 times, and for 3 of those games we got sent into a match with no opponents (meaning we got 3 automatic wins). I'll typically load into an empty match once or twice per month... but a 50% success rate? More of that, please ;)

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