Dreams: The Do (Destiny)

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I don't generally dream about games, or generally of the like, but what I'm to speak about is SO META, well... it can't wait. I got to post this now.

~~~~~~~Wavy Dream Sequence Dissolve~~~~~~~

So... I was clicking through posts on DBO. Why?! Why in a dream!! I don't know (I'm sure you'll have fun with it). Anyway, getting to it, remember when Hawkmoon was revealed to be coming to Destiny 2, because of some fundraiser goal being met? I don't know (recall) what the reason was, but for some reason there was a post here on DBO about this new exotic.

I'm fighting how fuzzy everything gets here but... It was a really really big deal real world weapon, and so there was chatter about it. I want to say it was a Mauser, but that's basically Sturm right? Well what ever big-name-you-know-this-gun-even-if-yo- don't-guns was either a Sidarm? or Handcannon?... because this is Destiny 2, land of hand cannons and oh there are other weapons!?


This exotic was called:

"Of our good will; we must choose. Of our action; We do as is due. ~???????

Visual Description: It was lacquered, like think car paint, Maroon and Gold. Patches here and there. I want to say that along the spine was maroon, and the sides were gold. The back of the gun the you could see had a symbol on the back. A Flower? It was like a bunch of stretched raindrops in a circle, eight times and a dot in the center. It was white, and glowed with each...

Exotic Perk: The cool thing about it was in where the exotic description usually is there was a collection of sets of three circles nine times. Think Destiny One, how the exotics used to be. Well, you could up to 9 stacks, but you could choose what would happen as you gained up to each stack.


It's so fuzzy now, but I want to say that first three were one selectable choice within that first set of three. So think how in weapons right now that in some cases you can get two perks in a slot but can only choose one. That, but instead of two there are three. Continuing; than three with two total selectable choices, and three with only one selectable choice again. Bah, it may be better just to make a visual mockup.




Not the most readable thing I've ever made, but... that gives the jest yes? So that way when ever you went up to one stack (to which I don't recall the method so... kills?) that set of three became active.

This wasn't in the dream, but I'm just going to deem it right now that once you hit "10" it flips back to the first stack and... anyway... the idea it's self is rather cool so, here it is! Kinda weird, but in a good way!

Edit: Or was the almost last two a locked (all selected) three, followed by the nineth one being one selectable one? Goodness, it's interesting how the waking mind clashes so hard into a dreaming one. Goodness, that's kind of Meta too. :/

OK! Enough of this. Got stuff to do!

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