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Some highlights (5000 character limit):

"February 17, 0197 "Battle of Lugdunum - Roman Emperor Septimius Severus defeats and kills his rival Clodius Albinus, securing full control over the Empire."

February 17, 0763 "Shi Chaoyi's head is delivered to Chang'an, ending the An Shi Rebellion."

February 17, 1568 Holy Roman Emperor agrees to pay annual tribute to Sultan for peace

February 17, 1600 "Philosopher Giordano Bruno was burnt alive at Campo de' Fiori in Rome, charged of heresy."

February 17, 1621 Myles Standish is appointed as first commander of Plymouth colony.

February 17, 1634 "William Prynne tried in Star Chamber for publishing ""Histriomastix"""

February 17, 1670 France & Bavaria sign military assistance treaty

February 17, 1676 Kings Charles II & Louis XIV sign secret treaty

February 17, 1714 "Parliament of Paris accepts Pope Clemens XI's ""Unigenitus"" degree"

February 17, 1753 February 17 is followed by March 1 as Sweden moves to the Gregorian from the Julian calendar.

February 17, 1776 "The first volume of Gibbon's ""Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire"" published"

February 17, 1791 Messier catalogs M83 (spiral galaxy in Hydra)

February 17, 1864 "American Civil War: H. L. Hunley becomes the first submarine to engage and sink a warship, the USS Housatonic."

February 17, 1867 The first ship passes through Suez Canal

February 17, 1878 First telephone exchange in San Francisco opens with 18 phones

February 17, 1904 The Giacomo Puccini opera Madam Butterfly premieres at La Scala.

February 17, 1911 "First filght over water to & from a ship, by Glenn Curtiss, San Diego"

February 17, 1913 "The Armory Show opens in New York City, displaying works of artists who are to become some of the most influential painters of the early 20th century."

February 17, 1915 "Edward Stone, first US combatant to die in WWI, is mortally wounded"

February 17, 1936 """The Phantom"" cartoon strip by Lee Falk debuts"

February 17, 1938 The first public experimental demonstration of Baird color TV (London)

February 17, 1943 General-Major Bradley flies to Washington DC

February 17, 1943 Hitler visits field marshal von Mansteins headquarters in Zaporozje

February 17, 1944 Battle of Eniwetok Atoll begins; US victory on Feb 22

February 17, 1944 US begins night bombing of Truk

February 17, 1947 "Dutch Roman Catholic bishops publish manifest against ""godless communism"""

February 17, 1947 The Voice of America radio station begins broadcasting their signal to the USSR.

February 17, 1949 Chaim Weizman elected first President of Israel

February 17, 1957 Suez Canal reopens after British and French intervention in 1956

February 17, 1958 "Comic strip ""BC"" first appears"

February 17, 1959 "First weather satellite launched, Vanguard 2, 9.8 kg"

February 17, 1959 Project Vanguard: Vanguard 2 - The first weather satellite launched to measure cloud-cover distribution.

February 17, 1962 "A storm kills more than 300 people in Hamburg, West Germany."

February 17, 1962 "Beach Boys introduced a new musical style with their hit ""Surfin"""

February 17, 1965 "US Ranger 8 launched, will transmit 7,137 lunar pictures"

February 17, 1966 French satellite Diapason D-1A launch into Earth orbit

February 17, 1966 Number one hit on UK music charts - Nancy Sinatra - These Boots Are Made For Walking

February 17, 1967 "Beatles release ""Penny Lane"" & ""Strawberry Fields"""

February 17, 1967 Kosmos 140 (Soyuz test) launches into Earth orbit

February 17, 1972 Sales of the Volkswagen Beetle model exceed those of Ford Model-T.

February 17, 1979 China invades Vietnam

February 17, 1979 The Sino-Vietnamese War begins.

February 17, 1985 3rd person to receive an artificial heart (Murray Haydon)

February 17, 1989 "6-week study of Arctic atmosphere shows no ozone ""hole"""

February 17, 1990 "Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan gives videotaped testimony for a second day about the Iran-Contra affair, for the trial of former national security adviser, John Poindexter"

February 17, 1996 "In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, world champion Garry Kasparov beats the Deep Blue supercomputer in a chess match."

February 17, 1997 Carl Sagan Public Memorial at Pasadena CA

February 17, 2000 Microsoft releases Windows 2000

February 17, 2006 "Over 1,000 people perished and buried alive in the town of St. Bernard in Southern Leyte, Philippines mudslide."

February 17, 2008 "2008 Kosovo declaration of independence. It was the second declaration of independence by Kosovo's Albanian-majority political institutions, the first having been proclaimed on 7 September 1990.""


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February 17, 1979 China invades Vietnam

February 17, 1979 The Sino-Vietnamese War begins.

Image credit: Stephen Loftus
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February 17, 1979 China invades Vietnam

February 17, 1979 The Sino-Vietnamese War begins.

Image credit: Stephen Loftus
Host: Louis Wu - Bungie.org - Thanks

Whoa, nice catch!


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Talk to me as if I have no idea what this thread is about.

I mean, I get that Destiny's being revealed on February 17th. I did pick up on that. :) And there is a list here of other things that have happened on February 17th. Cool and all, but... is there something special about the Sino-Vietnamese war in particular, in relation to Destiny?


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February 17, 1967 "Beatles release ""Penny Lane"" & ""Strawberry Fields"""

Image credit: MartyTheElder via Twitter


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Ah, I glossed over the Beatles line. Thanks.


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February 17, 2013 Cassini Solstice Mission (NASA JPL) performs a targeted flyby of Saturn


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Some highlights (5000 character limit):

"September 9, 0701 St Sergius I ends his reign as Catholic Pope

September 9, 1739 "Stono Rebellion, the largest slave uprising in Britains mainland North American colonies prior to the American Revolution, erupts near Charleston, South Carolina."

September 9, 1817 "Alexander Lucius Twilight, probably 1st black to graduate from US college, receives BA degree at Middlebury College"

September 9, 1830 "Charles Durant, 1st US aeronaut, flies a balloon from Castle Garden, NYC to Perth Amboy, NJ"

September 9, 1839 John Herschel takes the 1st glass plate photograph

September 9, 1841 "Great Lakes steamer ""Erie"" sinks off Silver Creek NY, kills 300"

September 9, 1850 California becomes the 31st state admitted to the US.

September 9, 1850 Territories of New Mexico & Utah created

September 9, 1862 Lee splits his army & sends Jackson to capture Harpers Ferry

September 9, 1867 Luxembourg gains independence

September 9, 1886 The Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works is finalized.

September 9, 1892 "Almalthea, 5th moon of Jupiter, discovered by EE Barnard at Lick"

September 9, 1901 French painter Henri Toulouse-Lautrec dies.

September 9, 1906 Cpl. Leo Clark (2nd Cdn. Infantry Batt.) wins the Victoria Cross at Pozières France

September 9, 1908 "Orville Wright makes 1st 1-hr airplane flight, Fort Myer, Va"

September 9, 1911 The first airmail service (British Post Office)

September 9, 1912 J Verdrines becomes 1st to fly over 100 mph (107 mph/172 kph)

September 9, 1914 "World War I: The creation of the Canadian Automobile Machine Gun Brigade, the first fully mechanized unit in the British Army."

September 9, 1922 Greek-Turkish war has ended with Turkish victory over the Greeks.

September 9, 1924 "Hanapepe Massacre occurs on Kauai, Hawaii."

September 9, 1926 "NBC radio, part of RCA, is incorporated."

September 9, 1943 The Allies land in the Naples area.

September 9, 1944 Allied forces liberate Luxembourg

September 9, 1944 World War II: The Fatherland Front takes power in Bulgaria through a military coup in the capital and armed rebellion in the country. A new pro-Soviet government is established.

September 9, 1945 "Japanese in S Korea, Taiwan, China, Indochina surrender to Allies"

September 9, 1947 First actual case of a computer bug being found: a moth lodges in a relay of a Harvard Mark II computer at Harvard University.

September 9, 1948 North Korea (The People's Democratic Republic of Korea) is created.

September 9, 1950 The first use of TV laugh track-Hank McCune

September 9, 1963 "Landslide into Vaiont Dam emptys lake, kills 3-4,000 (Italy)"

September 9, 1965 Number one hit on UK music charts - The Rolling Stones - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

September 9, 1965 Tibet is made an autonomous region of China

September 9, 1969 "Allegheny Airlines Flight 853 DC-9 collided in flight with a Piper PA-28 and crashed near Fairland, Indiana - kills 82"

September 9, 1970 A British airliner is hijacked by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and flown to Dawson's Field in Jordan.

September 9, 1971 "1,000 convicts seize Attica, NY prison"

September 9, 1971 Detroit Red Wings hockey star Gordie Howe retires.

September 9, 1971 "John Lennon releases the ""Imagine"" album"

September 9, 1972 Number one hit on UK music charts - Slade - Mama Weer All Crazee Now

September 9, 1975 "Viking 2 launched toward orbit around Mars, soft landing"

September 9, 1976 Chinese leader Mao Tse Tung dies in Beijing at age 82.

September 9, 1979 Sid Bernstein offers $« billion for a Beatle reunion

September 9, 1979 Yusef Islam (Cat Stevens) weds Fouzia Ali at Kensington Mosque

September 9, 1982 "Conestoga 1, 1st private commercial rocket, makes suborbital flight"

September 9, 1983 "Challenger returns to Kennedy Space Center via Sheppard AFB, Texas"

September 9, 1983 Vitas Gerulatis bets his house that Martina Navratilova can't beat the 100th ranked male tennis player

September 9, 1986 NYC jury indicts Gennadly Zakharov (Soviet UN employee) of spying

September 9, 1986 "The first colorized classic movie (computerized color added to an originally black and white movie) appears on Ted Turner's WTBS ""Superstation"" in Atlanta, GA."

September 9, 1987 "Gary Hart admits to cheating on his wife on ""Nightline"""

September 9, 1989 Number one hit on UK music charts - Black Box - Ride On Time

September 9, 1990 Bush & Gorbachev meet in Helsinki & urge Iraq to leave Kuwait

September 9, 1991 Tajikstan gains independence from the Soviet Union.

September 9, 1994 achin Tendulkar scores his first ODI century against Australia in Sri Lanka.

September 9, 1999 The Sega Dreamcast launches.

September 9, 2001 "Ahmed Shah Massoud, leader of the Northern Alliance, is assassinated in Afghanistan."

September 9, 2004 "2004 Australian embassy bombing: A bomb explodes outside the Australian embassy in Jakarta, killing 10 people."

September 9, 2007 "Wikipedia's 2,000,000th article in the English language version."

September 9, 2008 Shares of Lehman plunge 52% (between Sept 08 and 09)amid worries the investment bank is trying to find new investors and raise money"

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