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OP is OP

Stuntmutt is having some binary troubles these days...

Beorn | Oct 23, 2016 02:04 pm | link

Iron Lady

Stuntmutt apparently misses that super-broken overpowered Y1 sniper...

Claude Errera | Oct 7, 2016 12:13 pm | link

Grind of Iron

I think Stuntmutt might be suffering a little bit...

Claude Errera | Sep 30, 2016 02:03 pm | link

Flat Iron

Saladin's a great warrior, but he DOES have some weaknesses...

Claude Errera | Sep 23, 2016 11:46 am | link

Rise of Iron Soundtrack, Available Now

Been digging the new tunes when you boot up Destiny? Want to feel like an Iron Lord whenever you put on your headphones? Then prepare yourself for great news: the Rise of Iron soundtrack is now available for purchase! But that's not all; order now, and you'll get an exclusive in-game emblem to let others know that your love of Destiny music is serious. Want to try before you buy? Bungie has uploaded the entire soundtrack to Youtube for your listening pleasure.

The Bungie Store has also received a refreshed stock of loot that was available at PAX, so get while the getting's good!

Korny | Sep 19, 2016 01:25 pm | link

I'm in suspenders

...or is that suspense?

Claude Errera | Sep 17, 2016 05:40 pm | link

Destiny: The Collection Exclusives Trailer

Wondering what new content is coming to a PS4 near you with the launch of Rise of Iron? Sony has released a trailer for the Playstation exclusives included in the upcoming expansion (as well as the Collection bundle). The Mercury aesthetics never get old, and Icarus sure looks... Sublime. Only three days left, Guardians!

Korny | Sep 16, 2016 08:52 pm | link

OWL Sector ARG

Bungie appears to have launched an ARG this afternoon to get the community buzzing in preparation for Rise of Iron.

There is too much information to post all of it here, but if you want to jump down the rabbit hole with the rest of us, you'll probably want to start with (the official website), one of the two threads that have popped up [so far] right here on DBO, or if you're really desperate you could head over to the Destiny Subreddit Megathread.

Have fun contracting infections!!

Speedracer513 | Sep 15, 2016 10:08 pm | link

Rise Of Iron Launch Trailer

Saladin has an axe to grind when an old foe returns. Take a break from Private Matches to check out the launch trailer for Rise of Iron, which drops in less than a week!

Korny | Sep 14, 2016 10:49 am | link

Breaking News

The Update that dropped yesterday, in preparation for Rise of Iron, contains issues that were unexpected - by fans, and by Bungie. Stuntmutt puts it pretty succinctly:

Claude Errera | Sep 9, 2016 11:10 am | link

Iron Resolve

I think Stuntmutt might be worried about news coming out of PAX this week...

Claude Errera | Sep 2, 2016 07:39 am | link

Something something butt

A conversation about special weapons drew out a strip from Stuntmutt - he claims to have been holding it back for the right moment, but mostly I think he likes poking me. Well, all of us, but me especially.

Claude Errera | Aug 30, 2016 01:31 pm | link

Privates Lobby

It's Friday and Stuntmutt is gearing up for Rise of Iron!

Beorn | Aug 19, 2016 01:21 pm | link


In Stuntmutt's words:

This one arguably has a clanger of a spoiler in it...

Claude Errera | Aug 12, 2016 05:43 am | link

Counting the Khvost

As usual, Stuntmutt focuses on the important aspects of any announcement...

Claude Errera | Aug 7, 2016 12:16 pm | link

A Flood of Errors

Stuntmutt's still in the Caribbean, but he found time to send us this week's Vault of Farce. I'm not sure if I should be thanking him or not.

Claude Errera | Jul 29, 2016 11:14 am | link

Via Plantain Internet

Stuntmutt writes:

Good news, bad news.
Good news, I'm approximately 4000 miles away from the laptop and copy of Word that I use to make VoF.
Bad news, my daughter brought a set of felt tip pens...

Claude Errera | Jul 22, 2016 10:27 am | link

Once More, With Feeling!

Winter is Coming. Again.

Beorn | Jul 15, 2016 08:21 am | link

To a Tee

Stuntmutt says, “I know the Pound is weak against the Dollar right now, but even so…”

To a Tee

Beorn | Jul 8, 2016 08:50 am | link

Snow and Tell

Apparently my peers were off celebrating the Fourth of July early this weekend and forgot to post the latest Vault of Farce from Stuntmutt. We shall correct this error... now!

With the Weekly Update light on content, Vault of Farce asks the big questions about the upcoming expansion.

And gets no answers.

Cold Snaps

Beorn | Jul 5, 2016 09:58 am | link

Stuntmutt's Imbibing Vino Again

Sometimes your brain just won't let you sleep...

Claude Errera | Jun 24, 2016 10:32 am | link


We forgot to get to this yesterday... but it's still relevant. (If you haven't tried out this week's Nightfall, you're missing out - mostly on Warlock bonds and powerful primary weapons. And lots and lots of bad puns.)

Claude Errera | Jun 18, 2016 12:56 pm | link

Geoff Keighley Interviews Chris Barrett

Despite Rise of Iron not being on the show floor at E3 this year, some Bungie folks still made the pilgrimage to Los Angeles for the week and are doing interviews. Geoff Keighley sat down with Chris Barrett and chatted a bit about the expansion:

Beorn | Jun 13, 2016 11:20 pm | link

And I'm Spent

Stuntmutt suggested the panels would be even MORE obscured, if he weren't so broke...

Claude Errera | Jun 10, 2016 10:11 am | link

Hell Yeah

SOMEONE has been playing games other than Destiny recently... (In Stuntmutt's defense, he's noticed that playing Doom and then switching back to Destiny is like race training in high altitude... the Crucible becomes easier after the super-speed carnage against demons. Give it a try!)

Claude Errera | Jun 3, 2016 08:54 am | link

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