So does this rule out a Raid Collection Kiosk? (Destiny)

by Pyromancy @, Thursday, March 09, 2017, 19:43 (106 days ago) @ unoudid
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My name is Pyro, and I have a serious vault problem...
(there it is out there in the open, now I can move ahead and begin the healing, I mean sharding, process)

Sorry for being such a chowda head!
So does this fully rule out a raids collection kiosk?
I've seen the idea floated a lot of times before. If a raids kiosk was added it legitimately would lighten my vault up just a bit...
Also they are adding MORE and NEW raid gear, plus ornamentations to collect? The new revamped raids are going to make the vault thing even worse.

I finally sharded all my Y1 exotic weapons a few weeks back. I kept Y1 Ice Breaker(which I just received in Y3 for the first time, from a legacy exotic engram) and Ghorn because they were such standouts. I have 3 open weapon vault slots to play shuffle with and 16 Legendary weapons in the Post Master waiting to be dealt with. Being extremely careful, I've only overflowed the Post Master once in the past few months

(Slow typer at play - Morpheus posted about a raids iPad while I was creating this very message)

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