Airplanes....only cuz you asked :P (Gaming)

by Mid7night ⌂ @, Rocket BSCHSHCSHSHCCHGGH!!!!!!, Wednesday, March 15, 2017, 09:33 (75 days ago) @ Robot Chickens

I hope you enjoy the other things life has to offer. Rellekh and I really enjoyed playing with you the few times we teamed up. If we don't see you starside, I hope you keep us posted on the latest plane you've built.

Absolutely! Be careful what you wish for though, it's dangerous asking me to talk about airplanes on an open forum.... :P

Here are my three latest flights... C-17, mini Bugatti 100P, and A-4 Skyhawk.

The Bugatti and C-17 are my latest builds; I've had the A-4 around for a while, but this is the nicest most recent video of it. I love the sound!

All of these are made from DollarTree foamboard, hot glue and tape. All from plans designed and built by me.

After the C-17 flight, I did a "post flight interview" to tell all my RC-buddies about the flight, and it got me thinking; the more projects like this that I do, I should really restart the "vlog" part of my channel! XD

Anyway, thanks for caring; I appreciate it. :)

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