Airplanes!!! Thats a topic that'll get me out of 'lurking' (Off-Topic)

by Dame117 @, Pacific Northwest, Saturday, March 18, 2017, 17:47 (43 days ago) @ Mid7night

Hi! I don't know you but just had to chime in because I am an aviation fanatic as well :)

I won't pass up attending an air show if I can help it. Recently joined the local Civil Air Patrol squadron out here (Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri ...sadly not on the West Coast anymore..). I worked at an aerospace company doing NDT/i (Nondestructive Testing & Inspection) of critical aviation, aerospace and military components. It was a major switch from being a legal secretary, but I wanted to pursue a career in aerospace and was willing to take a big risk doing so.

I have not built any model aircraft from scratch, would love to try though. Always wanted to build a robot too. Barbie dolls just werent very appealing to me as a child, what can I say :)

I got my hat autographed by Ryan Bernacchi, the flight leader / #1 pilot of the current Blue Angels team. Last year my supervisor and coworkers surprised me with an awesome gift: a beautiful framed photo of the Blue Angels in flight, autographed by the team and personalized with my name (pictures below if I can post them right, havent tried before on here)

I don't go on YouTube regularly, but will try to get in habit of checking weekly to catch your vlogs. (I think weekly is better than daily, since you asked in your above vlog).



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