Wait, this can't be right! (Destiny)

by Chappy, Arlington, VA., Wednesday, April 12, 2017, 22:26 (45 days ago) @ Kermit

That's the Playstation strategy! You're not on the Playstation.

As a gaze holder, I find it much easier to wait for someone to turn him around and maybe have other people shoot down the orb, but the Playstation people insist that the gaze holder must be god-like, shoot down the bubble, and a fraction of second later shoot the sliver of his Golgy's sensitive-spot that you can barely see from the front as his head wobbles around, then drop down from atop the crate to be in the correct position to fend off axion darts. EZPZ, they say. WRONG.

It's not common, but if you've got someone on the fire team that can manage this, it makes the encounter trivial. With tethers and grenades you end up with 5 guardians doing max DPS for the maximum time, and end up downing him in two cycles. Definitely EZ mode, as long as you're not that guy. I don't trust myself to to do it - every time I try I miss the first three sniper shots and feel like an idiot because I know the rest of the team is just standing around below listening while I miss shot after shot. No pressure :)

For a couple of DBO runs tonight we went with the "distraction" Xbox strategy rather than the above. The better run used a Titan distraction bubble in the back right (Weapons and Gift of the Void). As soon as Golgy started shooting the bubble, the second weapons bubble went up in the alcove behind the front right pool. Everyone else shot the orb then dropped down to pick up WoL. A couple of seconds after the orb drops, the first gaze holder took the focus and we were off to the DPS races (3 cycles)

Of course we still went with the "Stand and shoot" approach while passing the gaze, so we're not your dream team. Honestly I'm not sure we've ever tried the "run around in circles" strat, but I think everyone knows that if they miss too many orbs, they just need to turn and run away.

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