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by Cody Miller, Dinklebot - Never Forget, Thursday, April 20, 2017, 11:29 (9 days ago) @ cheapLEY
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I mean, you can! Don't pass up Full Throttle, but also don't pass up the NEW adventure games out there :-)

What do you think about Thimbleweed Park?, and I'm not quite sure I want to, but the tone of Thimbleweed Park makes me interested.

Long review short:

-Thematizes the worst retro adventure game conventions rather than moving past them.
-Goes overboard on the references, and the writing is trying too hard.
-Wacky post modern ending which is not really that clever and instead just abandons the story.
-Character switching system and co-operative puzzles make no sense in the game world.
-Mixes and matches retro elements and modern improvements in a hypocritical (or just misguided if you are charitable) way.
-A cool world and setup which is somewhat fun to explore
-Good voice acting

Again, I've never played any adventure games

If you have played Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, Gone Home, Sherlock Holmes Crime and Punishments, Life is Strange, or Until Dawn, then you have played an adventure game. The genre is awesome, but is suffering the most from developers who refuse to innovate and bring it forward. I guess a post about that is coming soon.

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