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Man, that sucks. I'm really enjoying Kathy Rain quite a bit, and I suspect that now I've had my taste of point and click adventures that I'll want some more.

If you like Kathy Rain and point and click, then anything from Wadjeteye would suit you. They are created in the same program (adventure game studio), and the voices for Kathy Rain were even directed by Dave Gilbert, who owns Wadjeteye. The following are pretty similar in tone and structure:

-Genini Rue
-Blackwell Series

Similar games from other companies with a bit more humor, but still mostly serious:

-Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
-Broken Sword 1, 2, and 5
-Beneath a Steel Sky
-The Dig
-Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers
-Blade Runner
-A New Beginning
-Full Throttle
-Runaway: Road Adventure
-Kyrandia Series

And of course the comedic ones:

-Day of the Tentacle
-King's Quest series
-Sam and Max Hit the Road
-The Next Big Thing
-Money Island Series
-Flight of the Amazon Queen
-Simon the Sorcerer

Too many to list, but try some of the Wadjeteye ones first and move on from there if you keep liking them.

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