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by narcogen ⌂ @, Almaty, Kazakhstan, Friday, May 19, 2017, 02:20 (8 days ago) @ narcogen

How is Guided Game / new clan support intended to work?

Will there be curated clans made by Bungie, similar to D1 factions, that are geared towards certain priorities or playstyles? (hardcore, casual, raid noobs, etc)? If so, will those exist alongside player-created clans?

How will the shared focus of new clans help more players experience endgame? If I'm a raid noob with no friends and I want to raid, I'll join the "raid noob" clan. Also full of raid noobs. Is the game just going to throw those players together, LFG-style, or is it going to match actual role needs-- group of 5 noobs seeking one sherpa? Is the system just going to matchmake players in the same clan with incomplete fireteams, or will it be matching 1-2 players from a "raid sherpa" clan with 4-5 players from a "raid noob" clan?

I found a slide in the presentation that addresses this.

When entering a GG-enabled activity like a Nightfall, you have a choice between Normal mode, or two other modes-- "Seeker" mode where you're looking for help, and "Guide" mode where you're offering it.

I wonder how well that is going to work for things like strikes. I can easily see players having different ideas about what the needed threshold for being a Guide would be. We'll see.

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