Bungie President Talks Destiny

by Mr Daax ⌂ @, aka: SSG Daax, Monday, June 17, 2013, 17:40 (3052 days ago) @ Xenos

Thanks for sharing!

I really liked what he had to say about the fiction develpment.

When we started working on the Destiny universe, the first thing we did was to write a fictional background. You start off as you are now, a Guardian of The Tower, defending the wall that surrounds the last bastion of humanity, and the enemies are growing in strength. You start there and you start talking about how you ended up with that one last city, and what happened with peace. We spent years on it, with about eight or nine writers on the team, the editor for sci-fi from Tor is now our managing editor inside the studio, and Joe Staten who has been writing fiction for Bungie for fifteen years has been lead writer on it, and so we have a great team of guys that have just been writing and outlining and tweaking and tuning. We married the concept of the story and the fiction to visual concepts, and that's how we ended up with things looking the way they do. They’re breathtaking. Sometimes I take them home and hang them on my wall. We have them all over the studio, people have our art up as their desktop. It’s about finding that creative line and then we flash it out there, reams and reams of fiction for Destiny that back all aspects of it. The fun piece is when we plan the next story to tell and we go ‘Okay, so here we are, what’s the most exciting thing to pick?’ We pick the images we want, the activities we want, and then we think what stories relate to those and then pull it together.

All of this excites me very much :)

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