Welcome! *NM*

by Grizzlei ⌂ @, Pacific Cloud Zone, Earth, Saturday, February 16, 2013, 18:53 (4112 days ago) @ iZac

Hi Guys!

I'm new here too and wanted to introduce myself (and not clutter the place with a new thread. So Hello to you all!

Well actually many MANY moons ago I used to lurk on the HBO forums, posting intermittently, mostly as "iBob". I'm certain no one would remember me, hell I searched HBO just now and cant even remember any of my posts.

Anyway, a lot older and not much wiser, I thought I would join this little Destiny community, since - well, Bungie has been in my blood since the Marathon days and I'm pretty damn stoked to see what universe they're going to sculpt for us next :D

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