The Last Great Ahamkara (Fan Creations)

by TDSpiral ⌂ @, TDS Gaming Shack, WA, Wednesday, August 17, 2016, 17:18 (2836 days ago)

Hey friends! It's a been a while, but I wanted to show off a piece of Destiny fan art that I just finished. The Last Great Ahamkara

One of the most interesting pieces of Destiny lore, I think. It's just so cool to see remnants of the Ahamkara's existence in the Destiny world. I tried to research as much as I could about the Ahamkara, but it's mostly pretty vague information, which is great for creative freedom. But also awful for trying to come up with an accurate depiction of this great beast.

One of the major creative freedoms I took was the fact that this particular dragon is massive. A lot of the Ahamkara artifacts and pieces on Exotic armors are... tiny. So my idea was that the Ahamkara used to be massive, and this is the last of the great ones (kind of like Game of Thrones). After the slaying of this creature, all the remaining Ahamkara were small and malformed.

I'm positive the Ahamkara will become a major part of future Destiny content, and I wanted to throw my depiction out there before they do!

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