That is a song for an explorer.

by General Vagueness @, The Vault of Sass, Tuesday, July 09, 2013, 07:16 (3027 days ago) @ Lurono
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I thought the line "New music heard so deeply that it is not heard at all." sounded very much like a clue, so I listened to it sped up varying amounts, but nothing jumped out at me, and past four times normal speed I couldn't hear anything at all in VLC. I opened it in Notepad++ and searched for "deep" and a few other things but nothing popped up... I just searched for a few more and still nothing.

As for the music itself, I agree with this:

Much of it was surprisingly... lighthearted? Playful? Whatever the best word is, it was much different than what I would have expected if this were another Halo title.

I think it's OK, but not up to the standard of Halo's music (more so the earlier games and ODST).

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