Who are the Dakaua? (Destiny)

by Ragashingo ⌂ @, Official DBO Cryptarch, Friday, November 18, 2016, 17:05 (1768 days ago) @ Pyromancy

Who is the "voice" of card/calcified fragment XXV "Dictata..."
Who are the Dakaua?
What is "Gland sixty proof assimilation liquor"?
What is the Ecumene Ministry of War?

Is the Ecumene Ministry of War a biological based AI kicking on to react to a flagged event? "Gland sixty proof assimilation liquor" makes me think of adrenaline or some other medium needed to assist in reacting to, coping with, or overcoming an event? Mind Fluid? Or is it a resource that is taxed based upon the quality of its refinement? Or Proof as in relating to mathematics/geometry/computation?

The syntax ~praga~, ~indora~, remind me so much of SIVA
The syntax ~indora~vindicator, ~abayard~berserker, etc. Remind me so much of Rasputin -> Midnight Exigent, Aurora Retroflex, Yuga Sundown, Carrhae White

Could Taox be SIVA?
Could SIVA be a portion of Rasputin corrupted by rampancy?
SIVA - ~consume replicate enhance~)

Great questions!

I want to think on this some more and find some more hard dates and combine it with the second set of instructions that come a couple of cards later, but I think you're onto some things.

The Dakaua or possibly even the entire Ecumene might be some kind of hybrid biological AI or culture(s). Or maybe this message is meant simply for the Dakaua leaders who rule over each of the Ecumene client races? Or maybe the Dakaua conquered the other races and forced them into cybernetic conformity? Or maybe all these races joined together willingly? Lots of interesting ways I can imagine these races being organized!

As for Taox being SIVA... almost certainly not. I think we have a firm grasp that Taox is whatever species the Hive was before they met the worm gods, and we know who made SIVA during Humanity's Golden Age.

There is also, at a hard minimum, well over 1,000 years between this first message and the extinction of the Ecumene. And we'll find out a bit later that the Vex, who Humanity discovered before the Collapse, are not even present in our universe until after that happens. So this is well before Humanity's Golden Age and may be well before Human civilization even exists.

But yeah, I want to look into all of this a lot more and I'm planning a pretty interesting Rampant Speculation 2 for after the Ecumene are defeated... If you have any other thoughts let me know, there's so little to go on here and so many cool possibilities!

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