The black hole is weird. (Destiny)

by Durandal, Thursday, March 09, 2017, 13:51 (1662 days ago) @ Funkmon

HARMONY. When the Traveler passed across Harmony, it lied to the orbits of ten worlds. Now they orbit the black hole. The Traveler lied to the accretion disc, so that it would give warm light to these worlds.

Normally the friction of the materials in the disk as they accelerate down the gravity well would cause them to heat up, and that heat would radiate outwards. Somehow, the Traveler has modified this so that the emission also now includes a gentile light as well. so the disk acts as a flattened sun, a solar donut around the black hole. So long as there is material falling into the disk, it will remain lit and provide heat and light for the 10 planets around it.

That isn't to far fetched, from a scientific view point.

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