Welcome! (Recruitment)

by Kermit @, Raleigh, NC, Friday, April 07, 2017, 13:57 (2570 days ago) @ Saber Khai

For my first post to DBO forums I would like to request some help. I want to run a Raid tonight for the first time and, well, I'm looking for some sherpas to get me through. I have nothing to offer beyond my illuminating personality and the boundless entertainment of watching me die gracefully over and over again.

Saber Khai is my gamertag, and I will be online around 630-7 Central Standard Time on Xbox One. If anyone out there is interested, just shoot me a message or an invite. I'll probably be tooling around in the Plaguelands completing bounties. :)

I love raiding, and although I'm far from the best player here, I'm willing to fill out the team for a newbie run.

One more recommendation: don't be shy about using the Fireteam Builder (on the right side of the page). I will say a lot of people here are probably focused on the new versions of the raids (and their challenges) at the moment, but that focus will probably wane in a few weeks.

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