Union of Light emblem code (DBO)

by ncsuDuncan @, Thursday, June 01, 2017, 22:03 (2307 days ago)

As the Destiny 2 Reveal Event was winding down, Claude and I (as well as a third fireteam member) were standing in line chatting with Bungie employee Brittany Lichty while waiting to play the new Strike for a second time. We were the very last people in line; the event staff cut it off after us and were turning people away. Eventually someone did the math on estimated play time vs. available stations only to find that Claude and I were actually standing after where the line needed to end. We'd have to settle for a quick match of PvP instead of the Strike.

Overhearing this news, the group ahead of us volunteered to give up their place in the Strike queue to play PvP instead themselves. Claude and I insisted they didn't need to, but we were thankful anyways. Brittany decided to reward their actions and radioed Cozmo, asking him to stop by the end of the line with a few of the Union of Light codes he had been handing out all day. Cozmo appeared within seconds and, after handing each of the generous strangers a code, gave me one as well.

First person to reply to this thread with "Thanks Britt and Cozmo!" in the subject line can have it. I've only got one.

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