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With the arrival of Destiny 2 — and the expanded emphasis on Clans in-game — we here at DBO are taking this opportunity to do some spring summer cleaning to better serve those that have been playing with this community over the past several years, as well as for the new Guardians that will be joining us throughout Destiny 2 and beyond. To that end, please see the following guidelines and information on how to join us in these endeavors.

Destiny.Bungie.Org Clan Guidelines:

DBO (or DestinyBungieOrg for short) is committed to providing an enjoyable and engaging Clan experience. The two most important aims of this Clan are that you (a) have a positive experience, and (b) feel like a part of the group. With those aims in mind, we have a few simple guidelines:

Don’t be a really big jerk
The Claudefather (aka the Wu-meister) doesn’t like us to heavily moderate the forums and rush to ban people just because they’re being a little bit of a jerk, and we follow his lead in those regards… but we do reserve the right to suspend or even ban you from the DBO Clan(s) for being a ‘really big jerk.’ We are not going to define what constitutes being a ‘really big jerk’ because it isn’t a black and white matter, and if this rule ever becomes an issue, will use our subjective judgment in enforcing it. Just try to be friendly and respectful of your fellow gamers that have chosen to make this community their home, alright?

Maintain a basic level of participation in the community
In order for you to feel like a part of the group, it is important for you and the other members of the Clan to be actively engaged with the group. We also understand that some Clan members choose to be more active on the forum side of the community, while others choose to be more active in-game. We are proud to have all of you among our ranks and displaying our Clan tags in Destiny! We are not going to establish strict guidelines on how often you have to post on the forums or play with a specified number of other DBOers in a given time period. We do feel, however, that active participation in the community is important for the Clan as a whole, so we reserve the right to remove you from the Clan roster if you do not remain active in the community. Such removal will be considered only after substantial periods of inactivity, and only after you have been given notice by one of the admins that removal is being considered (and we will generally only audit this if we’re close to hitting the 100-member limit and need to make room for new membership).

Administrative Info:

There are currently three official DBO Clans for Destiny 2:

- Clan Founder: Beorn (Gamertag: Beorn)
- Contact: beorn@bungie.org

DestinyBungieOrg PSN
- Clan Founder: Speedracer513 (PSN ID: Guardian513)
- Contact: speedracer@bungie.org

DestinyBungieOrg PC
- Clan Founder: Xenos (Battle.net ID: XenosKB#1780)
- Contact: xenos@bungie.org

Frequently Asked Questions:

Wait, I'm already a member of the DBO Clan! Why do I need to sign up again?
Bungie's changed how Clans are configured on Bungie.net, and the previously created DestinyBungieOrg group (now called "DestinyBungieOrg D1") was just too large and unwieldy to cleanly move to the new system. We've made a fresh start and launched into Destiny 2 with all-new Clans but it, unfortunately, means that everyone will need to sign up again if they haven't already.


Can I be in more than one DBO Clan, or even all three?
Yes! Each DBO Clan is tied to a specific platform, so be sure to sign up for the Clan that corresponds to the platform(s) that you play on. All three clans are currently set to require admin approval for membership so be patient with the admins as all of them have day jobs! Note: There is limited membership space in each Clan, so if you are not going to be active on a particular platform, please leave room for others and don't request membership for platforms you won't be playing on.


Did we abandon the old Clan?
The D1-era DBO Clans have been mothballed as Bungie.net Groups and will remain that way. Moving forward, we are using the new Destiny 2 Clan system with the new platform-specific Clans.


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