Bite-sized Backstory 30: The Noble Queen and the Scatter (Destiny)

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Any word on what the Harbinger is? Is it the stuff she throws at the Dreadnought or something bigger-yet-related?

Those were almost certainly Harbingers.

The Queen’s Brother pretty much directly confirms it in The Aftermath.

The Techeuns should’ve known what the Dreadnaught could do. Must’ve known. Did they not feel what he felt? Hear what he heard? And that damn Ketch, it wasn’t protected. They had to know that. All to deploy the Harbingers. They barely got a foothold before the weapon was fired.

This is further supported by Coven.

“Our Queen awaits.” Lissyl attempted to end the challenges. There was little time and a war to fight.

“So now the decision is nigh. The Harbingers, which to prepare?” Shuro was determined to see this all through. Excitement was taught to be kept at bay.

“We cannot send them all.” Portia reminded.

The card for Telesto says:

Vestiges of the Queen's Harbingers yet linger among Saturn's moons.

Expanded search of Saturn's nearby moons produced only one notable discovery: A cloud of Harbinger matter collected around Saturn's 13th moon, designation "Telesto." A sample is enclosed for your examination.

As for what a Harbinger is... go read Coven all the way through. This line sticks out to me especially:

We cannot send them all.” Portia reminded.

“All but one, the oldest. It stays with us. Sedia, Kalli, Shuro, take the children, tell her they are to be planted into a dead thing to have children of their own.

We’re they trying to take over the Dreadnaught? Or the worm god it was made out of? By implanting alien minds which are referred to as “trophies from an ageless war”? Maybe we’ll know more in a couple of weeks...

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