"DoubleDate" Update & A Question for Chris (Fireteam Builder Events)

by INSANEdrive, ಥ_ಥ | f(ಠ‿↼)z | ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ| \[T]/, Monday, September 04, 2017, 09:45 (901 days ago)

This post is talking about "A reflective farewell..." (http://destiny.bungie.org/ftb/2439) & "... to a brave new game. (Tentative)" (http://destiny.bungie.org/ftb/2440) formerly located in the DBO Fireteam Builder.

This also involves "Mission Ready" event (http://destiny.bungie.org/ftb/2438) by ChrisTheeCrappy, but in a smaller scope (as I am not host in this case).

I have recently come to a conclusion, and resolved my tentative thoughts on what I'm going to do around launch. While It's not like DBO was busting the doors down to sign up for my event (which, I get it, I get the hint - Ya'll hate me. Ow. Muh Feeln's.); I think it fair to make an update on why these two formerly scheduled events are now no more, and as an update for ChrisTheeCrappy, who's event I'm still technically signed up for. Communication! It works, when it works! ;D

For the launch of Destiny 2, I know what I'm going to want to do (YES! It Rhymes!). I'm going to want to play all morning long. Sleep? What Sleep? Thing is I don't want to blow out my sleep rhythm if I can help it, as I kind of need it to do life stuff. What I'm thinking about doing is during those hours I was originally going to be counting down the hours with those who signed up to "A reflective farewell...", is now to sleep/nap/be-awake-with-my-eyes-closed. So that is why that event is gone. I have also decided that I very much do want to play with others during the launch evening/morning hours for Destiny 2. But, not immediately. Think of it like a butterfly fresh from its cocoon. I'm going to want to let my wings dry, move around abit, get my bearings. I don't know how long I'm going to do this, and I don't want a time limit on myself to get those bearings.

This is where the question for ChrisTheeCrappy comes in. I very much DO want to play, just not at the exact time set. Are you up for having me jump in whenever, presuming there is room? I just want to get your call on this since it's your show. What are your thoughts in this? I don't want to be a hassle.

All in all - we'll see how and where the night leads. Less than 48 Hours all!

Since Beorn mentioned he liked the rules I set in "... to a brave new game. (Tentative)", here they are in reference:

1. If the game is talking - shut up/mute your mic/hold your tongue for a moment. I don't want to miss anything, and I expect you don't either. We'll adapt this rule as need be.
2. We are a team of lone wolves. Play as you will, but be mindful of the team.
3. Be Chill. I don't want nor have any tolerance in this case for rage-bro antics. If ya can't keep your cool, please do not sign up.
4. Communicate with Quality! This one is by far the loosest of all the rules & we'll adapt this rule as need be. If you're quiet, fine (me too). IDK, I don't want mindless babbling in my ear. Just be in the zone, and I expect all should be fine. It'll be like the rule doesn't even exist.

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