This week's Nightfall with 5+ minutes remaining: A guide (Destiny)

by Kahzgul, Wednesday, September 13, 2017, 02:05 (282 days ago)

In Brief: If, for *some reason*, you wanted to finish a nightfall with 5 or more minutes to go, this week's nightfall is great for that.

spoilers below, I guess.

The nightfall is the inverted spire, same as in the beta.

It has rotating elemental buffs just like last week, so make sure your fireteam is set up with one of each element in the energy weapon category and one of each element in the heavy weapons category, and that no one has the same element in both categories. Great. Because of the damage buff, it's a good idea to bring highly offensive supers. For that reason, Arc seems to be generally the universal option.

When the nightfall starts, jump down and get on your sparrow. Drive to the conflux area. This is a SHARED SPACE so there's a small chance you'll be tossed into a game where the conflux has already been accessed, which will save you ~30 seconds. Even so, it's not that hard to just kill all the guys and activate the conflux yourself.

After jumping through all of the jump portal thingies, you will land in an area with a bunch of enemies (vex and cabal). IGNORE THEM and run past them, hugging the right wall. It may be close, but you will survive to the next jump portal.

For the next area, one person needs to stay up top next to the time boost ring. DO NOT JUMP THROUGH IT yet, as that activates the other rings as well as a timer which will make them disappear. Clear all of the enemies. Then the up top player jumps through the hoop, triggering the other time extension rings to appear. Everyone jumps through as many as possible. You should have more than 10 minutes left when you leave this area.

Run and jump past the gladiators on the plateaus in the next section, and when you reach the ground, hop on your sparrow and drive it around behind one or the other of the "commander" areas (two bunkers). Kill those commanders, thin out the other ground troops a bit, and then jump through the ring to spawn the time extenders, and everyone go nuts getting them. Again, you should have more than 10 minutes at this point.

Activate the flame launchers and use them to jump onto the drill. Hop down and activate the console to start a timer until you can jump to the next area. You can then die and just hang out until the timer is at 90% or so, at which point you should respawn and then bum rush the newly activated flame jumper.

From there, run past all of the guys, dodging fire as you go. Jump down to the 2nd half of this gauntlet, and continue to ignore everyone.

This time you want to activate the ring as soon as you see it. There are 3 paths to activate more rings as you go: Top, middle, and bottom. Work out in advance which path (and which rings) each fireteam member will get. It is fine to miss some here. If anyone dies here or in the previous gauntlet, just leave them dead. They will rejoin you as you jump down to the boss fight in the next area.

You want to have 10 minutes when you get to the boss, but I've done with with more than 12:30 before, so it's very possible.

Time your supers to match the DPS element and go bonkers on the boss, one super per phase.

Good luck gang! It took my friends and I about 7 tries to get it all down.

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