Sweet Business (Destiny)

by yakaman, Sunday, September 24, 2017, 09:58 (2432 days ago)

Dipped my toe into Crucible. As could be expected, I struggled to find a rhythm as I was experimenting with different guns. Nothing was really standing out, and I was getting beat pretty regularly in firefights...which I generally interpret as not having the right tool for the right situation.

Anyway...browsing through my weapons I noticed the previously found, but quickly forgotten, exotic auto rifle Sweet Business. So I gave it a try.



It takes a little practice, and good players will quickly learn how to counter (flanking FTW), but holy shit. I feel a little bit dirty using it. Super fun to wind up and walk like a tank into a fire fight. Just drains shields and HPs, and seems to panic opposing players.

It's like walking around with a heavy chain gun. It chews through ammo, but you respawn with full ammo again after you die.

Am I a bad person if I cheese the ever-living shit out of this? Feels like something they might nerf in the future.

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