Howdy! (DBO)

by Le Comte, New York, NY, Sunday, October 01, 2017, 17:33 (1775 days ago)

As I'm a long time listener, but a first time caller, I thought I'd introduce myself and say hey before jumping in at the deep end. So, in that spirit:

Hi! I'm Sam, and I've been getting frankly way too into the lore of Bungie games since the Marathon days. I'm a member of the DBO Destiny 2 clan on PS4, as Le_Comte; I run a Hunter (currently light 282-285), with no alts (gasp!), and am happy to fill a Gunslinger-or-Nightstalker-shaped gap in a fireteam for just about any activity you'd care to name (though, fair warning: I'm more likely than not to be mid-to-bottom of the rankings in the Crucible).

Thank you all for maintaining such an awesome community! I'm stoked to be here in a posting capacity, at long last.



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